Monday, March 30, 2015

First email from Arianna!

Hi Mom! I love you I'm glad youre getting some extra TLC! You deserve it! I love the MTC! OKAY SO HERES MY WEEKLY EMAIL:

Wednesday: Arriving at the MTC is no joke. Its seriously get out, get your stuff and get out! It was good though because it doesn't really give you a chance to register whats really going on. I went and got my badge (FINALLY!!!) I cant stop looking at it, I love it! I met my companion in class and shes great! Her name is Sister Olson, shes from Utah AND shes going to HOTlanta! We met the missionary presidency and that was good! WE got a tour and thats about it! 

Thursday: Okay so one of the ladies in my branch presidency is Sister Thompson is the mom from the mesa temple family video (SO COOL). The 5m bathrooms smell like cinnamon popcorn. weird i know! MY companion and I are sister training leaders. The food here isnt that bad, i couldnt stand it if i was here for longer than a week. Our teachers Bro. Gordon and Bro. Schaap are so great. I have taught one investigator so far. Elder Amankwa is black. He is hilarious. He tells black jokes and comments all the time just like me! We're like separated siblings! HAHA. Also Elder Christansen looks just like Kevin from Home Alone and he's hilarious! 

Friday: GYM TIME started for us!! Sis Olsen had only worked out 4 times before we worked out...yes i wanted to punch her because shes incredibly skinny! LOL Anyways we did some cardio and lifted weights..It felt amazing!! We found out we have a teaching oppurtunity to a real investigator that starts next tuesday! Showers here totally rock...NAU should take notes. 

Saturday: I woke up feeling so nauseous...I asked for a blessing from the elders, it was great. The sickness didnt really go away but eventually it did. My companion and i had companionship inventory because we had some issues. It helped a lot.  

Sunday: FAST SUNDAY WAS AWESOME!! We had a leader meeting, that went really well. we went to the provo temple and that was really cool.I love all the elders and sisters in my zone!! They totally rock!! (: There are tons of attractive elders here know ill be getting lots of emails before i leave next week!! (: HAHA We had a devotional and then we got to watch a movie! I LOVE THE MTC. ITS HARD BUT SO WORTH IT! (:

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