Monday, November 23, 2015

Weekly Update November 23, 2015

MONDAY: we cleaned up the apartment. went to the library and emailed all my favorite people and also received some awesome emails from people. THANK YOU! I appreciate when you update me on your lives, its like my only fun read other than the scriptures! (: We made nigerian food with sister anizor...and i have come to the conclusion i am just not a HUGE fan of nigerian food. Fufu doesnt taste anything like Sandy Murangwa. I will forever and always be a fufu snob because Sandy spoiled me BAD. went ocer to sister samuels and i got scolded by her because i havent gotten my flu shot yet...i will though. josh picked out my hair and it was ginormous. 

TUESDAY: we met the nicest jehovahs witness. she said she had studied with mormons before and she said that she really liked most of what we believed except the plan of salvation. she was s sweet woman, oh norma. i studied a lot about the importance of the temple and i wanted to see if i could reverence it this time. We do the same thing in the temple each time we go and i wanted to make sure i make it spiritual experience every time. I am so very excited about going to the temple! I got myself a georgia bulldogs sweatshirt...i love it so much. We went to the odells and they have these cool books  about themselves for their kids to have. i am going to do that for my kids... my kids will know me better than myself! :P 

WEDNESDAY: it was pouring rain but i didnt even care because TEMPLE. we got there late because everyone here tends to drive 20 below the speed limit when it rains...its redonk. I was able to feel the spirit so strongly in the temple. I was grinning from ear to ear doing the endowment session for a sweet sister from minnesota. i felt an overwhelming sense of relief going into the celestial room. It was so peaceful and exactly what i needed. I was then privileged to witness my friend elder dimanche be sealed to his parents. I was so honored and thrilled to be apart of something so special! I couldnt help but cry. I had seen what it takes to have an eternal family and that is all i wanted in that moment right then. I wanted to badly to fly my family out right that second and get sealed! I am so grateful for the temple and the power of the priesthood. I was on a spiritual high for the next 3 days after we went to the temple. Zone conference was more informative than that was kind of a bummer. 

THURSDAY: PLANNING. PIE NIGHT. BUFFALOS w/ sister corona! We went finding with kate and we chalked it up at the park and that was really fun! 

FRIDAY: DINNER AT THE SAMUEL HOUSE W/ SOOO MANY PEOPLE. saw lots of members and invited them to do missionary work and to try and remember the last time they had a spiritual experience and because of that what did they change since then? 

SATURDAY: Twas a chilly day.

Sunday: Sister oliphant taught a stellar lesson on letting our light shine based off of president monsons talk. i would invite you to read it and strive to have the light of christ show in your countenance ALWAYS.  

I love this work. I am so grateful for the countless missionaries who decided to serve because I am touched by their incredible testimonies and spirit. I am becoming the person heavenly father intended for me to become...that doesnt mean i dont slip up at times. I am still very well imperfect. I use the atonement in my life more than i ever have and i am blessed because of it. I am thankful for my savior jesus christ and the love that he so willingly has shown each and everyone of us. Live in thanksgiving daily. Have a grateful heart always and remember the many blessings that he has bestowed upon you and your family. Happy thanksgiving. One of my favorite scriptures is Alma 34:38 "That ye contend no more against the Holy Ghost, but that ye receive it, and take upon you the name of Christ; that ye humble yourselves even to the dust, and worshipGod, in whatsoever place ye may be in, in spirit and in truth; and that ye live in thanksgiving daily, for the many mercies and blessings which he doth bestow upon you." 

sister russell 

Monday, November 16, 2015

Weekly Update November 16, 2015

Monday: woke up and it was STILL raining. I had to pack because I was going to conyers with sister nau! EXCHANGES! Sister lawson and i went to mama samuels because well we just love hanging out with her. we listened to gospel music and just wrote letters and talked. It was really nice. I got a package from my mom with skirts and shirts inside. THANK YOU! 

Tuesday: District meeting with the conyers district! They are a good group! Elder Dimanche is the district leader over there. He like many elders here are very inspired, led by the spirit in all they do. We read our purpose as missionaries in PMG 1 and then we read one of my  favorite book YOU ARE SPECIAL by Max Lucado. I love that book. It made think of home, of my sister and of my brothers and how special they truly are! If you havent read it you need too! (: We read D&C 18:10-15  I really loved being there at the district meeting in conyers! We went finding and found some awesome people who want to come to church! we also went out with the relief society president and then she took us to golden corral for dinner. Elder dimanche and his companion called us and said they locked themselves out of there apartment...sister nau and i couldnt help but laugh at their silly circumstance! (: i took out my braids because i couldnt handle them being in anymore... my fro is big! YAY!

Wednesday:  We went out with Arla and she is sooo awesome! She works with the young women in the ward!  she is so funny! (: we found a lot of people today. one in particular her name was keysha she said that she has done lots of research in religions. at our district meeting elder dimanche said that we cannot be shy with what we have to share which i am not..but i could be more bold and just tell them this is the true church. so thats exaclty what i did. I told her that she wont have to search anymore, as she reads the bible and the book of mormon she can come to know that her search is over!  this is jesus christ church here on the earth! (:  we then went to mutual and worked on personal progress and i have decided that i am going to redo my personal progress with a willing heart! also i thought it would be cool because my sister is going to be in young womens soon! (: 

Thursday: we had sisters conference and i got to see all my comps and my friends! I love the friends that i have made here. we all have something in common we love the lord and we love the work! (: If you are worthy to serve a mission and you have decided not to...think about the people around you. think about the JOY that the gospel brings into your life, you are able to bring that to someone else. Honestly  i am going to be upfront and honest that if you dont serve a mission and you can & are worthy are missing out. He needs you. he needs your light. your experiences. the things you have gone through and most importantly your brothers and sisters need you! (: After the conference we were able to go to the temple with Santana to do baptisms for the dead and that was awesome! i havent done them in 5EVER. 

Friday: LAWSONS BDAY!!!! we went to a neighborhood and i found KOBE 3D poster, a recorder and 6 xmas mugs for $5!! (: HOLLA! I scored big time! We went to a referral and it is a college student who wanted a book of mormon for he communications class. She had to do a project on our religion so we totally hooked her up! (: We gave her 5 BOM, 10 pamphlets, Joseph smith video and pass along cards! (: She has no idea she is doing missionary work!! (: We went finding over by sister brown! we found lots of people! (: it was awesome! we then went to WAFFLE HOUSE!!!! (: SUPER FUN! I LOVE THE SAMUEL FAMILY. Oh i got sister lawson for her bday a witch eraser, 10 Samuel L. Jackson pens, my braids and also salt and pepper shakers! 

Saturday: We went to brother ide's baptism! (: It was awesome! it was totally jam packed! weekly planning. 

Sunday: I HAD CHILI DOGS AND IT MADE ME THINK OF MY DADDY MATT! Sister foote text me and said that elder dimanche wants ME to be in his sealing to his parents!!! EXCITING!!!! (: I cant wait! never been to a sealing!

LOVE YALL! I have a list that we give to the members here and i would love if yall can spread it around! #hastenthework

Sister Russell

Monday, November 9, 2015

Weekly Email November 9, 2015

Monday: HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELDER DIMANCHE! I made pumpkins seeds. Washed clothes. I wrote elder nelson and elder platts mamas.  We had dinner at the Samuel home. I love them so much. I seriously have never found people i love just as much as my own flesh and blood! oh and I tried to take a nap but failed miserably. 

Tuesday: District Meeting was powerful! I love how inspired the individuals around me are! Sister Olsen is leaving our district and everyone else is staying in SNELLVILLE.  Many people here in snellville know how to cross stitch and i totally wanna learn so that is something that i am going to learn how to do before i leave here. We went to sister samuels for lunch and then we went and visited sister baang! She is so fun! We then went to Shenelles and taught her the plan of salvation, that is my FAVORITE thing to teach. It strengthens my faith in knowing that those i love are in the spirit world safe and sound. (:  We then had dinner at santanas! she is such a hardworking individual! (: 

Wednesday: We taught frank and he is incredible. he threw away his cigarette bin and he said he hasnt had the desire to smoke anymore. He has been a smoker for 50 years!!! thats incredible!  He also LOVES the book of mormon. he wakes up and thats all he thinks about. He is in JACOB right now. I think it is incredible the changes the spirit can truly manifest in us. We brought the shaffers over there and it is incredible. If you are a member of this church and have not been out with the missionaries...this is me calling you to repentance. pick up the phone and call the missionaries and ask them what could i do to help further the work! GO ON TEAMUPS! (: Your testimony, your spirit, your experiences are what they need. Frank made us lunch which was sweeeeet! We visited sister kemp and she has to do dialysis 3 times a week...i want to give her one of my kidneys. do you think they'd let me come back and finish out my mission if i gave her mine? i am sincerely praying if i could do anything to help her. We vistied the Keanums, i love them so much!  We had dinner with the Hansen family and brother mann was there! We are going to help lay down wood flooring and were also having thanksgiving with them!! (: HOLLA!!!!!

Thursday: Weekly planning! Kate came out with us finding and that was super fun! (: We visited sister coble and we sang with her. I love her so much, there is a sweet spirit in her home that just feels so familiar.  We dropped off a book of mormon to first baptist snellville church's pastor.  We smashed pomegranates with sister youngblood. my hands were stained red. (: lol 

Friday: Favorite Granola....Love crunch dark chocolate and red berries. literally to die for.  we went to chat and chew and that was SOOOOO good! Thats where all the women from the church can come and chat and eat yummy foods! i had nigerian food. i ate goat...which is DELICIOUS. for some ugly creatures they taste good! I had fish soup...i'll leave that to your imagination as to what i thought about that one. Sister cook came out on a team up with us but they all fell through, she is a saint! 

Satruday: We raked sister samuels leaves. we taught shenelle and watched Joseph Smith Movie. Got more nigerian food from strangers. 

Sunday: Church. 5 investigators showed up!!!!!!!!!!!! :) BLESSINGS ARE FALLING FROM THE SKY LIKE THE RAIN HERE! lol 

other fun facts:

 sister youngblood gave sister lawson and i matching monkey hats.

it has rained for a week straight and i am sick of it. 

my back hurts because we've been running more and im way out of shape 

i had a handful of oreos for breakfast too many times this week. 

we have come to the conclusion that the book of mormon if it were made into a movie it would be rated r because of all the war chapters. haha
also go to this is my bombdiggity comp. I give you permission to stalk her. #gobuckwild

Sister Russell

Monday, November 2, 2015

Weekly Update November 2, 2015

Monday: I went shopping at old navy to get some clothes! It was so nice to find modest clothes. I found this really cute dress that is super versatile! I need skirts so if you know of anywhere that has modest skirts let me know! We went to El Jiente with sister youngblood. Its the best mexican food in snellville...EVERYONE goes there! It really is good though! (: 

Tuesday: District Meeting was incredible. Elder Nelson is inspired!!!  So are the sisters in our district! Such great trainings! Elder Alade and Elder Shoebinger came to our DM and gave some trainings. Elder Alade is going home! So crazy....It hit me that my time is flying by!!! We went to subway for lunch and the lady making my sandwich asked about the book of mormon so i gave her a book of mormon with my testimony in it. I dont know what will come of it but theres a seed planted. (: We went to sister kemps for dinner and that was super fun! (: I love her! We went to bible study and i always leave there so educated!!!

Wednesday: we had apartment inspections. We went to sister franks and she is awesome! (: Then we went to the brown family and we taught their daughter. We then met bro samuel and his family at sister victorias home and taught a lesson there. I LOVE NIGERIANS. I actually love all foreigners but bc its a free country and i can have favorites it'd defintley be Haitians and Nigerians. (:  Elder Nelson on the call was so inspired. He said " i feel impressed to read this from the ensign.
Sometimes after stumbling, failing, or even giving up,we get discouraged and believe our light has gone out and our race is lost. But testify that thLight of Christ cannot be            extinguished. It shines in the darkest night and will relight   our hearts if only we incline our hearts to Him (see 1 Kings 8:58).
No matter how often or how far we fall, the Light ofChrist ever burns brightly. And even ithe deepest night, if we but step toward Him, His light wilconsume the shadows and reignite our souls.
May each of us finish the path we have begun. And with the help of our Savior and Redeemer, Jesus Christ, wewill finish      joyfully and with our torches still lit. "
I had been struggling lately because i felt that my "spark" was gone. my light was dim for my desire to do missionary work and through fervent prayer, scripture study I can proudly say that my light is burning brighter than ever. I have a new view of this work. I love missionary work so much! 
Thursday: we had "cafe rio", it wasnt really cafe rio but it was a good attempt. 
Friday: Visited sister oliphant, ramirez family, and the browns! (: We read scriptures with franklin over the phone. We also handed out tons of pass along cards to members to pass out for halloween.  I got a bloody nose for 20 mins. Ate dinner with sister skaines .
I am so sorry i am running out of time...gahhh! there are lots of miracles happening. Frank the man from puerto rico has been reading the book of mormon like a mad man! He is seeing the changes happen in his life and in his countenance. Halloween we went to the ta familys home and carved pumpkins and ate mummy dogs. It was really fun. I got pumpkin seeds which i will make today which i am so excited. I just wanna let all of you know that god lives and he loves you! (: