Monday, April 27, 2015

Monday : PDAY! We went shopping at walmart, some islamic guy wanted to learn about the church but said " You girls are real pretty so no flirtig just jesus". So yeah...that was interesting. We had sisters pday, so we all got together to make mothers day stuff...yeah I failed. I need to figure out what I can make my mom so im not a heathen of a child. I made pita pizzas ( WHOO!!!!) We ate dinner at the Hinkles and i tried  boiled okra and turkeys neck. Not a fan. Then we went to the Hoppers home for FHE and ice cream! 

Tuesday: We woke up at 5:30 so that we could get ready and get to the temple by 7:20am. The temple session was awesome! I love going to the temple! I just the closest to my heavenly father and my family when I am at the temple. I got a butt load of mail and all the elders were jealous so I gave them some fruit snacks and they were content. The elders in my district are seriously crazy funny, especially the foreign one. 

Wednesday: Heavenly father answers prayers, this i know to be true. A tip from ol' wise and faithful sistah russell, ask him questions more often especially when you are reading your scriptures! (: All our appointments fell through today except one... pretty bummed about that. We went and ate at the Muranguas, they are African. So we ate a lot of food. I ate fufu, it taste like tamales..without the meat and sauce. While we were finding a newly wed couple gave us city passes for like the zoo and civil rights building because they were leaving the next day! it was awesome!! Bro Moore's Garden is always a blast! We took lots of pictures...We as in the Elders took my camera and have lots of selfies and group selfies. 

Thursday:Sister Daffer made biscuits that are browner than i am. I started driving and I enjoy driving in the city! I suck at parallel parking. Also I almost killed sister daffer and I because I drove on a one way street the wrong way. We taught a lesson today and I said Holy Ghost and the guy thought I was calling on the devil...super awkward. I brought a member pizza because she got surgery on her foot and then we ended up eating all of it. 

Friday: We went finding over by coke world and we found an ice cream truck. We ate from that because Sister Daffer has NEVER eaten from an ice cream truck! *GASP* Also saw a naked man...still trying to recover from that one. We were able to pray with a lot of people today and its just really sweet that they allow us to do such a thing (: Oh to add to the excitement of today I SAW A BLACK MIDGET! I have never seen a midget that wasnt white! Sister daffer saw him first and screamed and I screamed too. Shes a great companion she finds joy in the same things I do. Sister Daffer almost killed me because she floored it because she didnt wanna wait for the train and the things almost hit our car. #blessedtobealive

Saturday: All of our plans fell through again..*sigh*. We went to the baptism of Tom Robertson and that was so amazing. I loved that. I felt as if I was the one making that wonderful decision to take upon Jesus Christs name (: I felt all giddy after that! 

Sunday: I met President Sullivan, pretty cool guy. I also met 3 General Authority Wives...I cant tell you there names because I really dont remember.  Started teaching a family of 5 and they are golden. They are coming to church with usthis sunday and the spirit in their home was a familiar one. I loved it! We had a lesson with Willie ( which reminds me so much of papa) and we invited this guy to join us...little did we know what would become of that.
 This is what he told us:
- Its really hard to talk to single people because i dont know you fully because you arent married. 
- greatest thing joseph smith did was get married, thats all. 
- joseph smith was a well known prophet just as he is
- white people are descendants from cain
- adam and eve were spirits ad didnt have bodies.
- jesus isnt white, hes black
-jesus was married
-you cant disagree when in the spirit ( i told him i agree to disagree with all that he was saying)
Then we went to the Hoppers home for smores and we smelt so bad because of the fire. LOL 

I love it here. I am learning so much from my companion, from heavenly father and from those I teach. I am so grateful for my mission, I'm really sad that a month has already passed by, but I am continually striving to be the best missionary I can be. (:

Sister Russell