Sunday, July 24, 2016

Weekly Email July 18, 2016

Hey Y'all! 

This week i realized i just cant handle applying for schools while also being a missionary...i feel so weird. so applying for schools is going to be postponed until i get home and can focus on just that. 
Sister Nau and I being sister training leaders we have to host a sisters pday( where all the sisters get together)! We threw ourselves a birthday party! It was super fun and thats why i look like a goon with nylons on my head....IN HONOR OF SISTER MANZER! (: This week was a good one! I really focused on Christlike attributes and it really helped me. I studied humility and patience. My companion is fabulous at being patient. She truly is an example in my life of what kind of patience i would like to acquire! 
This week was eventful we had multiple people seek us out and tell us what we believed was hogwash and told me that i belonged to a church that degraded black people and yadda yadda yadda. The lady that told me that i just said "ma'am I know this church is true and i am not stupid. I wouldn't belong to a church that degrades me or my family. i know i am a child of god and i am told nothing short of that in the Mormon church." I always get a little feisty when people tell me stuff like that luckily we walked away before i could hear her response to what i said. 

We went to food truck Friday in downtown Dallas, it was super fun! Tons of people and we just handed out pass along cards like crazy!! I got a tigers blood shaved ice and i should have known i was going to be let down because HELLO! BAHAMA BUCKS IS CELESTIAL. 

I found out i will be getting transferred and i am super excited about it! I love change and i have been in this area for 6 months!! I am anxious and so looking forward to meeting my new companion...maybe my last!? i know that every person i have met on my mission has helped me become a better version of myself, whether i want to acknowledge it or not. HEAVENLY FATHER LOVES US! I know he is aware of me in the big events in my life as well as the insignificant and silly ones. 

I read this morning in John 8 about jesus and the women who committed adultery and it really occurred to me the saviors love! This chapter is about the pharisees and the scribes bringing her to jesus and asking what should we do with this adulterer...and after he says "He that is without sin among you,let him first cast a stone at her" then they all leave. Then when it is just the savior and her he asks where are thou accusers? I love that. i love that he acknowledges that everyone is gone and even at that i will not accuse you. HAVE YOU EVER THOUGHT IN THIS STORY WHERE IS HER ADULTEROUS PARTNER? BECAUSE I ASKED THAT TODAY... and then i thought that when we are brought before god to be judged no one will be there with me i will be judged for my own doings. I love how the savior ends this whole fiasco with the sweet merciful, encouraging words "Neither do condemn thee: goand sin no more." HE LOVE US! HE WILL NEVER CONDEMN US! He will never say oh look who's coming back to me again begging for forgiveness...weren't you here like 2 days ago?? HE LOVES US! DON'T THINK ANYTHING LESS!

Sister Russell

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