Monday, July 25, 2016

Weekly Email July 25, 2016

I am no longer in Paulding County anymore....they sent me to NEWNAN! I love it! I have always had good views of Newman because of Elder Leavitt. He raved about it all the time when i was in my first district. My new companion is sister Christ! I LOVE HER SO MUCH ALREADY! A few days before transfers i started to ask heavenly father who my companion will be and her name and face kept coming into my mind! then at transfers when we found out we were companions we were so PUMPED! 
This week was fabulous! We were working so hard. I love this work. I love being obedient. There is no other way to do the Lords work! Its so rewarding to come at night and you are just physically and spiritually whipped. We have been working on building up our teaching pool and boy you better believe we did it! We just work really well together, everything just flows. We both know why were here and what we need to do! i love serving a mission so much. I am so grateful for the ability to make choices and improve each day. I was thinking about how i don't want to be the "typical missionary" the attitude of well i'm towards the end i don't need to work as hard...but that is not ME! I dont have time for that mentality!! I gotta prepare everyone around me, my mission is short but so is our probationary time here on earth! This urgency doesn't start with a badge and nor does it end with a badge. It began when i had the ability to speak! I am so grateful for Alma in the book of Mormon in chapter 9 vs. 16-17, he is telling them that the lamanites were wicked because of the traditions of their fathers. When we fall into the tradition of things it takes away our ability to receive personal revelation. ex: I'm a catholic because my family is catholic 
We must find out truth for ourselves, we can only lean on those we love for so long. We must develop and shape our testimony. I am so grateful for this gospel and for the joy i feel and have felt this week! 
I am sorry that i didn't write much...i forgot my journal at home but i'll talk to yall next week!
-sister russell 

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