Monday, April 13, 2015

Tuesday: We all woke up at 2:30am to start heading off to the airport! That was super fun. LOL I got to call my family while I was there and that was such a blessing! The plane ride was okay....nothing to brag about. I met my mission president and their house in peachtree is BEAUTIFUL!

Wednesday: I met my companion Sister Daffer! We are serving in Atlanta, the city! Elder Amankwa is in the same district as me! We are in the same ward as the Sullivan Family, the family from Meet The Mormons. We had chick-fil-a! We then went to do a service project from Brother Moore a recent convert and that was super great! (: 

Thursday: We jogged in central park and that was so fun because we had the cityscape in the backround! We planned for that next week and that took 3 1/2 hours...HOLY LONG DAY. Then we talked with lots of awesome people and yeah..

Friday: A man was baptized two weeks ago we had a lesson with him on the street in the pouring rain. He is homeless and is the most humble man. We call him everyday to check up on him and he likes for us to say a prayer for him on the phone. Its really precious. It POURS here when it rains...I am going to invest in some rainboots STAT!! We met lots of people today but someone that I know I was sent here for is Claritha. She is so ready to receive the gospel! Sister Daffer and I had churchs and OH MY WORD. My taste buds were in for a treat...If i come back 50 LBS heavier its because of churchs biscuits!! The guy in there was singing " I'm in love with a tender, its crunchy, its tastey and hot" (to the tune of im in love with a stripper) 

Saturday: We teamed up with Sister Shedrick and wow she is amazing! She is going to find me an african dress! (: Also she has an obsession with my chin.. LOL I made grilled cheese and french fries and set the smoke detector off...Still keeping up with tradition...aka failing miserable at cooking stuff. 

Sunday: Ward Council...VERY entertaining. Bishop asked me after introducing himself if i could say the opening prayer in they dont mess around! :P So everyone likes to do the hmmm's and amens when your'e giving a talk, making a comment or praying. I love it. Also lots of people like to hold hands when we say prayers...and im kinda a germaphob. The ward is awesome. I love how much diversity there is! (: I realized that I see myself as a daughter of god now. Because I have learned to love and look at others as jesus does I see myself for my worth. Its so amazing. 

Fun Facts: 

We live right down the street from a homeless shelter Pine st....there are always very interesting characters there. 

When we go to Sharmrock Garden Apartments all the kids scream 
" YAYY white people" 

I can understand most people here...just its hard to understand some when they have a thick accent and NO teeth. 

Sister Russell

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