Monday, April 6, 2015

Monday (30th) It was my first Pday. I went to the temple. We did a session and it was everything i needed!! We painted our nails, printed out emails, and hung out. We did laundry and got to email. I met a missionary that's going to Boston, he's pretty cool!! Family, welcome missionaries into your home!! (: 

Tuesday (31st)  Today was hard. I relied on the Lord so much. My companion and I just couldn't seem to see eye to eye. Christlike attributes is something I have been reading, pondering and praying about a lot. Companionship inventory is legit! It helps soooo much. Do it, it'll bless your life! 

Wednesday (April Fools) We went to the gym!! We ran laps with Elder Amankwa and Elder Snedaker! We also played volleyball with our zone! that was so fun! I taught my progressive investigator and that went so well! We taught her about the holy ghost and she said she had felt that before! I was so excited for her! Then I taught another investigator and I taught him about the plan of salvation and the spirit was sooo strong there, he started to cry. I then was prompted to ask him to be baptized and he said YES!! (: I welcomed new missionaries to the mtc and one of them is from AZ! My favorite elders in that district are Jackman and Dalley! Oh and there was a gorilla running around the cafeteria because it was April was hysterical. 

Thursday ( 2nd) Had pancakes on a stick...thanks MTC food! My companion tried straightening my hair...It was a hot mess. LOL When i get to Atlanta ill be able to send pics and there will be a wave of them coming your way!! (: I am really good at figuring out who peoples celebrity look alikes are and Elder Dalley said he has gotten Camel Joe from the cigarette when we were walking to class in the hall I yelled out see ya later CAMEL TOE. Yeah...I definately asked for forgiveness on that one. 

Friday (3rd) In field orientation...sums up my whole day. 8am to 5pm! I got an Easter package from my family that made my day! 

Saturday (4th) I wore my Hawaiian dress today and everyone thought I was Polynesian..and before that i still had people asking if i was from like Fiji or Hawaii, LOL! Conference was great!  I didn't fall asleep...YUP that's right! :D I think I owe it to Elder Udy & Winn! That night our Elders from our district expressed how they want us to pray for our future spouse and it was just really sweet! 

Sunday (5th) Happy Easter! General Conference was Amazing!! It answered most of the questions I had. After lunch we walked to the provo temple and i photo bombed tons of picture and took an epic selfie with everyone! After the second session of conference we had dinner which is where we all proceeded to try SPRILK (SPRITE + MILK). Verdict: not as bad as i thought it would be..still nasty though. GUESS WHO CAME TO THE MTC?!?! BYU VOCAL POINT. It was a sad night because we had to say goodbye to everyone but I'm doing alright. I've got my companion and Elder Jackman & Dalley to cheer me up! (:

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