Monday, April 20, 2015

Singing in the Rain :)

Monday: It was PDAY so instead of waking up and working out we clean so we dont have to later in the day! I read my patriarchal blessing and that just started my day off right, so many amazing blessings if i live accordingly. We went grocery shopping and I totally killed it with the price matching LOL. We email at this library and this one guy was blasting Ashley Tisdale and like praying to her...that was interesting. Sister Daffer and I went to Underground Atlanta and that was super fun! I got a shirt from it and we also went to Johnny Rockets because Daffer had never been there before! *gasp* We then went home took a nap and carried on with the rest of our day! 

Tuesday: The elders in our ward are HILARIOUS. We all write down names we here that are outrageous and send them to one another. We had a district meeting and that was good, we role played, talked about goals and all that jazz. We went finding and we found 5 new investigators!! (: Oh happy day! So We went to Wendy's because we were starving, we don't usually eat dinner until after 8:30/9. Anyways this homeless man was standing by the drive thru so i offered him an apple...he said it wasn't good enough. He didn't want it, he wanted a sandwich. So I said okay. Then I asked my companion " what would jesus do in this situation?"...then something came into my mind. Forgive them for they know not what they do. I gave him the sandwich, because I knew Jesus would have done it. Anyways i thought that was pretty coo. (: Oh on our way home from wendys...saw a man pooping. YUP. POOPING.

Wednesday: We had a lesson at the church, we watched a few mormon messages which I was excited to do because all I ever watch is the district. Because of Him video gets me everytime the second one is good but the first one I'm always in tears. Its so simple but yet speaks so much truth! Sister Daffer and I drive past this store off of lee st. all the time and decided to go in. Its called Beauty Supply and Socks, half of the store is taken up by socks. Its insane. We are teaching a sweet lady her name is Ula, she's 93 years old and has blue/grey eyes. She is so sweet and very active for a 93 year old!! There was a wasp in our apartment...that was fun. 

Thursday: PLANNING DAY! I have a love/hate relationship towards planning day. We made one of our investigators a jar to help her quit smoking. It has motivational  quotes all over it and a picture of a house. So whenever she had the urge to smoke she would use the money for cigarettes and put it towards her house!(: Sister Daffer and I always count how many Hispanics we see because they are a rare sighting...oh how the tables have turned.

Friday: My awesome companion and I read fourth missionary and that is INCREDIBLE. Everyone needs to read it. We made some crafts...that was fun. We dont get fed by anyone in the ward like it is back home...which kinda stinks because I hate having to figure out what to eat. LOL but we've been fed once and it was vegetable soup...not very southern but whatever (: haha We got asked today to be some drunk guys companion sweetly declined...I just abruptly declined because he was all in our faces (he invaded my bubble). We taught a lesson on a bed full of pee. Also saw my first Nun!! (:

Saturday: I had an African dish...which was totally AWESOME! Got another new investigator...not sure if shes in our area or not but were excited to meet her! I have 3 bug bites and if you dont know its BAD NEWS BEARS when I get bit. :( 

Sunday: We had two investigators come to church! While in gospel principles talking about the priesthood a lady says " If men dont use their priesthood they'll dry up....and when that happens they gon' be lookin' like da walkin' dead." Lesson learned in G.P. if you have the priesthood exercise it so you don't get weak and dry up! LOL Oh we found out that half of the ward wasnt at church because of a tornado warning...That was unexpected.

I love yall (: Remember your worth and keep the people of Georgia in your prayers!

( i cant remember any others...I forgot my list...) 

Sister Russell

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