Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Weekly Email October 19, 2015

Monday: We went to sister youngbloods to email and as soon as i went to email the internet crashed. so therefore...that is why i did not email a weekly update because i was just not having it. the world was against me. I need more skirts and shirts that match and we didnt find much. We went to the samuels and i emailed my mom and thats about it. 

Tuesday:We had District meeting and that was interesting...more than spiritual. We were able to teach Carrie and that was very spiritual. We were really grateful for sister oliphant coming out with us. We have been doing lots of finding and following up with potential investigators.  We went to the ward bbq and that was delicious! We hungout with my little bro josh and all the young women! (: sister lawson taught bible study to me, elder nelson, elder platt and sister corona. That was interesting. 

Wednesday: I ATE PAPA JOHNS AND A PIZZA COOKIE. thats all you gotta know. #delish

Thursday: We found out we are getting a new car. we are planning caelyns baptism this upcoming saturday. I got a halloween package from my mama andshe made me cookies, that was delicious!  (: Bishop made us delicious grilled cheese sandwiches with delish! We went through a car wash and that was fun. lol we went to a family's home they didnt speak much english and so we sang a song for them and bore our testimonies. I could feel the spirit so strongly, they werent interested but it was such an incredible experience. 

Friday: I had a dream that pierce wagner told me that he loved me and asked me to marry him with a one size fits all ring. he told me he came to the realization of the love he has for me while reading matthew 2. we had new trainers meeting and then we went to a european deli and we went and huungout with sister samuel! (: i ate butter cookies which were delicious! (: 

Saturday: went to super saturday made mama samuel a scarecrow thing and then we had soup and it was yummy! (: 

Sunday: sister lawson spoke in church had a lots of less actives at church and that was incredible! I love sundays, but i always get headaches which is unfortunate but i'll figure something out. 

I am so sorry everyone for being so crazy with my emails. I promise next week the emails will be back to normal. Also i got braids! :))))

Sister Russell

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