Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Weekly Update October 5, 2015

Monday: Pday was just kinda weird. nothing out of the ordinary just straight weird. We went to the Austins home for dinner and its always delicious. We talked about General Conference talks that we loved in the past and how excited we were for this upcoming one. 

Tuesday: We went over to the hansens home and i just love them so dearly. i love the sweet spirit that is in their home. Then we went to visit sister nalder and we invited her to reflect upon her day and try to see the lords hand in her life. We then went tracting around her home and that was fun. We met a guy who collects jeeps he had over 10 of them! Sister lawson and i talked about our top movies tv shows and musicians we'd listen to for the rest of our lives so here is mine.




Wednesday: We went and helped a member unpack her home and they got us lunch. They got us hot wings and sister lawson took one bite of it and started to cry. It was hilarious. Everyone was dying laughing! (: They were inferno atl wings! 

Thursday: Weekly planning and then we went and helped a sister "move a few pieces of furniture"... it was two huge storage units packed full of stuff. We moved it all in skirts. We said a prayer because there was this ginormous couch and we didnt think we could move it and then we go back upstairs and they had moved it!! MIRACLES! WE ROCKED THAT MOVE! Sister youngblood called us about her toe and she told us to come over and see it. It reminded us both of the office episode where micheal grilled his foot on his george foreman grill because he likes to wake up to the smell of bacon in the morning. HAHA! It was hilarious. Sister youngblood always knows how to crack us up!  We went to Santanas to teach her. She bought us dinner at ZAXBYS! She is seriously so incredible her baptism is on october 10th and we are excited! (: 

Friday: Got up really early and drove to the temple. we talked about zombies and vampires. talked about mel gibson and nicholas cage...they are not the same yall. I was able to go through the temple for a lady named Joan Arnold and i couldnt help but feel so excited for her to receive her endowments. As i was sitting in the celestial room i felt an overwhelming peace that everything in my life and my familys would all work out. We had zone training afterwards and that was very good! Kristi and brother moore are planning on going to the temple for baptisms for the dead! yayy! (: I am so excited! (: Elder Gillespie is from Queen Creek, he is in my district so we have 3 people reppin' the good ol' state! We went to the Samuels for dinner and that was super fun! I love them so much! I am being adopted into their family and i am claiming josh as my fourth brother (: 

Saturday:  oh my heavens. General conference was exactly what this sistah needed. I loved the saturday session. It defintley applied more to me in my life right now. I had lots of great things i received. my favorite talks were by robert d. hales, bradley d. foster, and jeffrey r. holland.  Everyone was bawling their eyes out...except me and sister lawson were the only ones who didnt. Everyone missed their mamas. We missed em too just not to the point to cry. I felt like that talk made me kinda of fearful and really inadequate to become a mother so i am still really stoked to not have children for another 5 years. i took on the challenge and asked the lord what is stopping me from progressing or improving and i got 4 things i can improve on! we had an incredible lesson with sister christopherson and her boyfriend franklin. something i didnt know is that blind people dream and man are they vivid dreams! 

Sunday: I am taking on the challenge to ponderize for the next 20 years and my first scripture is Mosiah 4:30!  (: we went to dinner at the Ta Family's home and it was delish! I love their family. Their cat's name is lila. therefore...lila your spirit animal is a cat. :) 

I love yall! thanks for all the support and prayers. I love this work and it is whizzing by. 6 lovely, hard, exciting, eventful, trying, faith building, months down and 12 more to go! (: 

Sister Russell


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