Monday, November 16, 2015

Weekly Update November 16, 2015

Monday: woke up and it was STILL raining. I had to pack because I was going to conyers with sister nau! EXCHANGES! Sister lawson and i went to mama samuels because well we just love hanging out with her. we listened to gospel music and just wrote letters and talked. It was really nice. I got a package from my mom with skirts and shirts inside. THANK YOU! 

Tuesday: District meeting with the conyers district! They are a good group! Elder Dimanche is the district leader over there. He like many elders here are very inspired, led by the spirit in all they do. We read our purpose as missionaries in PMG 1 and then we read one of my  favorite book YOU ARE SPECIAL by Max Lucado. I love that book. It made think of home, of my sister and of my brothers and how special they truly are! If you havent read it you need too! (: We read D&C 18:10-15  I really loved being there at the district meeting in conyers! We went finding and found some awesome people who want to come to church! we also went out with the relief society president and then she took us to golden corral for dinner. Elder dimanche and his companion called us and said they locked themselves out of there apartment...sister nau and i couldnt help but laugh at their silly circumstance! (: i took out my braids because i couldnt handle them being in anymore... my fro is big! YAY!

Wednesday:  We went out with Arla and she is sooo awesome! She works with the young women in the ward!  she is so funny! (: we found a lot of people today. one in particular her name was keysha she said that she has done lots of research in religions. at our district meeting elder dimanche said that we cannot be shy with what we have to share which i am not..but i could be more bold and just tell them this is the true church. so thats exaclty what i did. I told her that she wont have to search anymore, as she reads the bible and the book of mormon she can come to know that her search is over!  this is jesus christ church here on the earth! (:  we then went to mutual and worked on personal progress and i have decided that i am going to redo my personal progress with a willing heart! also i thought it would be cool because my sister is going to be in young womens soon! (: 

Thursday: we had sisters conference and i got to see all my comps and my friends! I love the friends that i have made here. we all have something in common we love the lord and we love the work! (: If you are worthy to serve a mission and you have decided not to...think about the people around you. think about the JOY that the gospel brings into your life, you are able to bring that to someone else. Honestly  i am going to be upfront and honest that if you dont serve a mission and you can & are worthy are missing out. He needs you. he needs your light. your experiences. the things you have gone through and most importantly your brothers and sisters need you! (: After the conference we were able to go to the temple with Santana to do baptisms for the dead and that was awesome! i havent done them in 5EVER. 

Friday: LAWSONS BDAY!!!! we went to a neighborhood and i found KOBE 3D poster, a recorder and 6 xmas mugs for $5!! (: HOLLA! I scored big time! We went to a referral and it is a college student who wanted a book of mormon for he communications class. She had to do a project on our religion so we totally hooked her up! (: We gave her 5 BOM, 10 pamphlets, Joseph smith video and pass along cards! (: She has no idea she is doing missionary work!! (: We went finding over by sister brown! we found lots of people! (: it was awesome! we then went to WAFFLE HOUSE!!!! (: SUPER FUN! I LOVE THE SAMUEL FAMILY. Oh i got sister lawson for her bday a witch eraser, 10 Samuel L. Jackson pens, my braids and also salt and pepper shakers! 

Saturday: We went to brother ide's baptism! (: It was awesome! it was totally jam packed! weekly planning. 

Sunday: I HAD CHILI DOGS AND IT MADE ME THINK OF MY DADDY MATT! Sister foote text me and said that elder dimanche wants ME to be in his sealing to his parents!!! EXCITING!!!! (: I cant wait! never been to a sealing!

LOVE YALL! I have a list that we give to the members here and i would love if yall can spread it around! #hastenthework

Sister Russell

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