Monday, November 9, 2015

Weekly Email November 9, 2015

Monday: HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELDER DIMANCHE! I made pumpkins seeds. Washed clothes. I wrote elder nelson and elder platts mamas.  We had dinner at the Samuel home. I love them so much. I seriously have never found people i love just as much as my own flesh and blood! oh and I tried to take a nap but failed miserably. 

Tuesday: District Meeting was powerful! I love how inspired the individuals around me are! Sister Olsen is leaving our district and everyone else is staying in SNELLVILLE.  Many people here in snellville know how to cross stitch and i totally wanna learn so that is something that i am going to learn how to do before i leave here. We went to sister samuels for lunch and then we went and visited sister baang! She is so fun! We then went to Shenelles and taught her the plan of salvation, that is my FAVORITE thing to teach. It strengthens my faith in knowing that those i love are in the spirit world safe and sound. (:  We then had dinner at santanas! she is such a hardworking individual! (: 

Wednesday: We taught frank and he is incredible. he threw away his cigarette bin and he said he hasnt had the desire to smoke anymore. He has been a smoker for 50 years!!! thats incredible!  He also LOVES the book of mormon. he wakes up and thats all he thinks about. He is in JACOB right now. I think it is incredible the changes the spirit can truly manifest in us. We brought the shaffers over there and it is incredible. If you are a member of this church and have not been out with the missionaries...this is me calling you to repentance. pick up the phone and call the missionaries and ask them what could i do to help further the work! GO ON TEAMUPS! (: Your testimony, your spirit, your experiences are what they need. Frank made us lunch which was sweeeeet! We visited sister kemp and she has to do dialysis 3 times a week...i want to give her one of my kidneys. do you think they'd let me come back and finish out my mission if i gave her mine? i am sincerely praying if i could do anything to help her. We vistied the Keanums, i love them so much!  We had dinner with the Hansen family and brother mann was there! We are going to help lay down wood flooring and were also having thanksgiving with them!! (: HOLLA!!!!!

Thursday: Weekly planning! Kate came out with us finding and that was super fun! (: We visited sister coble and we sang with her. I love her so much, there is a sweet spirit in her home that just feels so familiar.  We dropped off a book of mormon to first baptist snellville church's pastor.  We smashed pomegranates with sister youngblood. my hands were stained red. (: lol 

Friday: Favorite Granola....Love crunch dark chocolate and red berries. literally to die for.  we went to chat and chew and that was SOOOOO good! Thats where all the women from the church can come and chat and eat yummy foods! i had nigerian food. i ate goat...which is DELICIOUS. for some ugly creatures they taste good! I had fish soup...i'll leave that to your imagination as to what i thought about that one. Sister cook came out on a team up with us but they all fell through, she is a saint! 

Satruday: We raked sister samuels leaves. we taught shenelle and watched Joseph Smith Movie. Got more nigerian food from strangers. 

Sunday: Church. 5 investigators showed up!!!!!!!!!!!! :) BLESSINGS ARE FALLING FROM THE SKY LIKE THE RAIN HERE! lol 

other fun facts:

 sister youngblood gave sister lawson and i matching monkey hats.

it has rained for a week straight and i am sick of it. 

my back hurts because we've been running more and im way out of shape 

i had a handful of oreos for breakfast too many times this week. 

we have come to the conclusion that the book of mormon if it were made into a movie it would be rated r because of all the war chapters. haha
also go to this is my bombdiggity comp. I give you permission to stalk her. #gobuckwild

Sister Russell

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  1. Sister Russell,
    These are great letters! thank you for sharing.
    What's most impressive to me is the way that your love for the people is showing and growing. It's that love for people that casts out fear and impels us forward into formerly uncomfortable situations. It is wonderful to see the growth in you!
    We're praying for you and appreciate your service in the land of my nativity! (I was born in Georgia.)

    Bishop Greg Giauque
    Gateway Gardens Ward