Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Very short weekly email December 7, 2015

monday: went to the drs. also went to ALDIS! THE BEST GROCERY STORE EVER! also they have the best pomegranates on the planet. then we went to sister youngbloods....attempted to do a puzzle and then gave up. then we went to subway and had dinner with sister coble. i love all her stories soooo much! (: 

tuesday: dm was pretty good. elder nelson inspired as usual! i ate a pomegrante for lunch also i was all drowsy all day...not fun. we met with some former investigators which was AWESOME!!!!! we also went to a white elephant exchange for the young women...super fun! also we had zoes kitchen! :) yum! 
wednesday: had lunch at sister ladds.....
okay im so sorry yall. i just am super lazy and i dont feel like typing out what i did for the rest of the week...sorry! just look at the pictures and be creative! snellville party was good! and i love this work! 

sister russell

Hair is long enough for a ponytail!

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