Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Weekly Email November 30, 2015

Monday: emailed. went to the samuels and hungout with a bunch of crazy teenage boys and sister samuel. they did a thanksgiving rap and it was hilarious. i wish i could send the video but i cant. lol i facetimed helen, i love that gal! (: there are 2 more weeks left of this transfer i have mixed emotions about it. 

Tuesday: District Meeting was POWERFUL. I loved it. Elder nelson posed the question " how do we as missionaries use the atonement?" We also talked about setting reasonable goals also achieving them. We painted sister matthews windows for her and talked to her. She is super fun, she makes me wanna be married and prego. but then i am quickly brought back to reality when i see crazy children. We visited one of my favorite ladies Sister Turner, that day she found out that Earl was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. It was hard to see her hurting and in so much pain. We assured her that heavenly father knows her and her situation and will comfort her. 

Wednesday: 8month! & what did i do to celebrate?!?! GOT A FLU SHOT! because my mom and sister samuel would have beat me if i didnt. We went finding and we found a sweet mary kay consultant and im pretty sure if i didnt mention mary kay i dont know how we would have gotten into the door. we went to tj maxx with sister shaffer and found the CUTEST journals/ books eva. There is this really awesome one that i am going to get and just give to my children so they can know tons of stuff about they mama. (: Encyclopedia of me from A to Z!  We ate shrimp estufee, that was yummy. 

Thursday: Thanksgiving was just another day...just add 2 more dinner appointments than usual. 
highlights: eating at the manns home. karaoke with a bunch of kids under the age of 9 singing gospel songs. eating chips n salsa and trying different kinds of honey at sister youngbloods house. 
I am thankful for....
my family
the opportunity i have to serve a mission 
the scriptures 
my friends who encouraged me to always be myself
mail service #REALMVP
living prophet 
good health
my testimony
my friends i have made here on the mission ( daffer, iverson, manzer, aiono, hunter, dimanche, nelson) 

Friday: received letters from my mama & mama nichols! (: we did a service project and raked leaves. that was a serious work out! we then were leaving the neighborhood and see this car that looks pretty bummy and beat up...then theres two kids running towards us with a gun (were in a car btw) and then we continue to drive past but we both felt impressed that we needed to turn back. so we went back and the police were there. we gave a description of what they looked like and everything. pretty cool if you ask me!  i had a melt down that night...just felt really overwhelmed with the things i needed to improve on. just felt like i had no one really to talk to and just was upset. i pleaded with my father in heaven to help me be paitent with myself and to help me have more charity. i was on my knees for a while...i closed my prayer and instantly i felt a peace wash over me. and i knew that my father in heaven had heard my prayer. 

Saturday: I was very quiet that day. I wanted to listen to the promptings of the spirit and i wanted to make sure i was doing everything i could to be worthy for the divine help i so needed. I was hopeful and had great faith that he would help me and give me opportunities to strengthen my weakness. i got a bloody nose. kate came out with us and we went to snellville christmas tree lighting and we took a picture with the mayor, tom witts. he loves mormons. 

Sunday: i found out about 5 mins before church that i was speaking..well baring my testimony to fill in the time. lol but it turned out to be a huge blessing for me. My testimony was strengthened. I got up and i bore my testimony about the atonement. before my mission i just assumed the atonement was just for sinners who committed the really serious sins. but in all actuality its for us all. It is for those who are choosing the right and want to become better. He suffered pains, temptations, weaknesses, flaws, you name it. its covered. he fills in the gap. for when i have done all that i could and have expended my efforts he helps me. i know that his grace is sufficient for all of us whether we believe it or not. the song "finish what he started" by mercyme is fabulous. i testify that if we plead with our father in heaven for help with the things we are weak in, he will help you. i love my savior jesus christ, im grateful for the sacrifice he made that i may one day be reunited with my father in heaven. 

i hope yall had a great holiday! 
sister russell 

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