Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Weekly Email December 21, 2015

monday: we went to kate andrews house and we did cross stitching and made a gingerbread house! it was super fun! we just hungout and laughed together! we went to the castillo familys home and spent time with them! jason is the best! he is such a fun kid! (: 

tuesday: i had an awesome study session. i was reading in helaman 14 when samuel the lamanite prophecies of jesus christ birth and the signs that will be given. i tried to apply that chapter to me...trying to comprehend that two days of light would happen when jesus christ would come. i realized that the signs of his coming all were light! angels, two days of light and a new star. Just like our savior, he brings light to our lives. It is incredible how much my life has changed when i came to know that jesus really is the savior of the world. we had district meeting and that was a good one! elder platt and elder gillespie are leaving. they will be missed but were excited for a new transfer! we went to lunch with sister youngblood and had pupusas! YUMMMMMMY!!!!! I had sangria ( non alcoholic of course) and man it was tasty! we went finding and met this jw guy. it was really sad to think that they only believe that a few of us will return to our father in heaven. i know he loves all his children. we stopped by sister nalders and sang her some christmas carols. then we went to the odells for dinner and she always makes the best food! 

wednesday: I got my presents! THANK YOU MOM! I love the tshirts!!! they were probably my favorite and the stamps! we went speed walking for exercise and that was super fun! we went and checked up on a few less active members and that was fun. we talked to tony who demands to know our first names...hes pretty funny. we then went to sister samuels house and we helped her put up her Christmas decorations and that was super fun! i love that family sooo much! then we went to santanas for dinner that was super yummy! we love that girl! i also got a package from the elg family!! thank you soooo much! y'all are so thoughtful! (: 

thursday: weekly planning. i don't remember what else.....

friday: I DID 20 PUSHUPS IN A ROW!!!!! #holla i was very proud of myself! we went to the cooks and shared a message with them  and then we had lunch with them. it was really good! (: then we dropped off our packages to post office. we went out with kate and saw a few members. brother richard smith is awesome! he is such a cool member he is 75 but defintley doesn't look like it at all! we went and saw sister coble and sang her some Christmas songs. she's a sweet heart!! (: We went to the keanums and we had dinner with them, i love that family!!  then we went and talked about Christmas traditions, my future spouse and other random stuff with the carters. brother carter is convinced my husband will have a hunchback because i am so sassy. i pray that isnt true. (: lol 

saturday: i decided to fast today. i need a sense of direction...and you are probably wondering what i am even talking about. i just wasn't expecting to be in the same area again and i really just want to know where the lord would have us go to find those who are prepared whether they be former people who were interested in the gospel or people we just haven't met yet. i really just want to be spiritually in tune so i can do the lords will. we went to one lady's home and she honestly just contradicts herself...its pretty sad that she is confused as to what she believes. went to a baptism for the elders and that was pretty good! we then had a member order us pizza because she forgot she was feeding us...but the pizza never came. I was so hungry. we went to kroger and i bought a bunch of fruit, ranch dip and other healthy stuff. oh i bought r2d2 cookies. those are healthy but lets just pretend. I FINALLY MET HELEN SAMUEL!!! :))) I LOVE THAT GIRL! we had a graduation for sister lawson because she is officially not a greenie anymore. 

Merry Christmas y'all. I hope you spend time with the people you love and enjoy their presence more than the presents. i am grateful for the savior and his birth. i know that his life did not start in Bethlehem and end on Calvary. i know that if we turn to him and follow his example we will find true JOY in this life, even when life is hard. i know all things are possible with him, it all starts with faith, and when we have faith it is the catalyst for our growing testimonies, as we start to align our will with Heavenly fathers! 

MOSIAH 16:9 He is the light and the life of the world; yea, a light that is endless, that can never be darkened; yea, and also a life which is endless, that there can be no more death.  

*make sure y'all love on the missionaries in your ward, they're missing their families and need some attention! *

Sister Russell 

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