Monday, April 4, 2016

Weekly Email April 4, 2016

Hello everyone! :)

This week was really good! its hard to think of all that i did with conference on the brain. 
this week we hung out with sister wood and her fun family on pday! Her family is one of my favorites!! We had the opportunity to train at district meeting on the importance of our power and authority of our calling and being successful missionaries! It went really well... i started crying while i was training because well it was something i didn't really feel like i was very good at & i strengthened my testimony as to what a SUCCESSFUL missionary truly is! We found our bff sister Harris, she is the sweetest lady ever! Okay the picture of the dog with the book of Mormon i need someone to make a meme with it! maybe like...."what you say about my book of Mormon?" or "why you no read?" LOL! 

We were able to teach this incredible guy! it was the best lesson ever! i felt the spirit so strongly and it was just so good. we invited him to be baptized and he said YES! Sister Dorberth and i and sister Nau all went to Stevi b's and THREW DOWN! i ate 15 slices and that's not including dessert or salad! (: I love sister Dorberth! I did some family history this week and i found some people on my dads side that i can do work for! We also are teaching Emile and she is progressing so well! i am so proud of that girl! :)
We went over to the kellys for dinner and oh my word. i passed their house 3 times thinking that it was city hall. their house is crazy big beautiful! she served her mission in AZ and i just love her! she is hilarious! also she is trying to hook me up with previous missionaries but i wont allow it! lol 

  • i got the worst sleep ever. 
  • it was april fools also dugan seawells bday and sister worsham
  • we popped the tire on the car...i am still a little sore. 
  • i LOVE LOVE LOVE sister worsham
  • met some really awesome people!
GENERAL CONFERENCE! OH MY WORD! IT WAS FANTABULOUS. My friends and family... general conference is the equivalent to going to your favorite rock concert or going to just feel good. I couldn't sleep the night before that's how excited i was! i loved everything that was said! i realized lots of answers to my questions and lots of confirmations from the holy ghost! i would invite you to watch general conference if you haven't, its so worth it! MY favorite talks were by Bonnie Oscarson and Robert D Hales... I'm not sure if its because of what they said or of what the holy ghost said but i loved them! they were powerful!! (: 


*also crazy pics of me in pants is because they are from a year ago and i wanted to see if they still fit and they DO!!*  happy 1 year mark!

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