Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Weekly Email March 28, 2016


Lots of awesome miracles... i have been praying to exercise more faith because i need to believe in myself more and in heavenly father! I lost the keys at the gas station and i thought that i put them in the trash so i went dumpster diving and looked everywhere!! we said a prayer after looking all over the car and then we called sister foote and let her know what happened. she said did you check everywhere?!?! so i reached down and i found them in the same place that i looked earlier!! 

I was able to do family history this week for my dads side and ahh! it was such an incredible experience! It was so powerful to be able to see where my relatives were buried and to learn more about them! i cant wait to go back and do more! i LOVE family history!! when i was in snellville i thought 2 hours of family history felt like FOREVER.... But now its wayyy too short! 

This week we were able to go to a members house and the father and dad are deaf and i was able to sign to them a little bit. IT was such a spiritual experience, and i have decided that i want to learn sign language when i get home! 

WE had the oppurtunity to talk to a lot of people this week about the church and about jesus christ and the reason for him coming here. I am so richly blessed to be a missionary at this time! I am so grateful for my savior. HE IS RISEN! He is not dead. He can comfort you and i as we seek for him. I have been reading the war chapters lately and its all about preparation and fortifying ourselves and i just love that we are able to do that! no matter what is going on in the world we can continue to have great hope because of jesus christ!! I am loving rereading the book of mormon, it is such a blessing to see the lord work in their lives and as i do that i can see him in my own. I know god is aware of me. 

This week was really good because i focused on the things i did good at not all the things i didnt do. I am so grateful for the people heavenly father has placed in my life. i know he is aware of each of us. i know that as we strive to do OUR best for that day & continue to improve we'll be alright! i am so grateful for each new day because i love the opportunity i have to improve. I will always strive to do my best, and i know that my best is only achievable when i have the lord on my side. He will help me be the best me i can be as i listen to him and trust him. 


MOSIAH 2:9 prepare yourself to have a spiritual experience when you watch general conference! open your ears and your heart and your mind. let him teach you the things you need to know and act with faith!!! (: i'd invite yall to pick something you can do each day to prepare yourself for general conference! i am going to commit myself to read a general conference address each day leading up to it and its all going to be about the holy ghost, receiving answers and pondering! 

Sister Russell

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