Monday, May 2, 2016

Weekly Email May 2, 2016

I love sister wood! she is so stellar. she really just loves on me like my own mom. i love how much heavenly father loves me because i know that he puts people in my path that remind me of family members when i am not around them, that is just a tender mercy! we went to a froyo place with her and then we wrote letters and everything and then we went outside and jumped on the trampoline. then bishop kelly drove by and he was like hey! what are you doing? do a backflip!! and i was like no way i cant do that and then he ran up to the trampoline with dress shoes on his headset and sunglasses and did it!!! he is so awesome!!! also sister nau and i caught some sun rays...well i did more of that than sister nau did. she doesn't brown like i do. ( hahahaha) 
district meeting was super stellar! we talked about the importance of the scriptures and how we can obtain more knowledge by reading them daily. which i 100% believe! i am so grateful for more scripture and living prophets because i always feel like i can have more direction!  it was super hot today! we embraced it though! 
 we were very fortunate to teach a lady that has met with missionaries previously like 15 years ago. she said that she is catholic and she was very set in her ways when we first contacted her. we brought a member sister embry and she was catholic and then converted. she was an incredible asset to our meeting with her. She( the investigator) asked sister embry about her conversion and after sister embry bore testimony she said...." i want that! i want to change." in part of sister embry's testimony she talked about the word of wisdom and the investigator said well i need to get rid of my coffee and cut down. thats what i can work on! also she wants us to bring sister embry back to help her convert to Mormon! lol it was such an incredible testimony builder for me that members really make the meetings with people complete!!! The spirit is so strong!  I did family history this week at the public library...yeah you heard me not at the center and i didn't even need help! i found my great grandmas siblings and i found a picture of my great gpa russell!! he was a stud! i love doing family history! I cannot wait to get home and talk to my grandparents about their family! 
I am so grateful for my hard strenuous week two week ago because this past week was so rewarding! i loved it! we have been working really hard to improve the areas we are serving in! 
I really want to grow closer to my savior! like even more so than what i am now. i finished reading the book of mormon this past week and it was awesome. i know that that is the word of god. it will help you and strengthen your testimony of gods love and the importance of his son! YOU GOTTA CHOOSE TO ALLOW IT TO CHANGE YOU AND HELP YOU! I love this work. Heavenly fathers love is real, it is for you whether you believe you are deserving or not. you can obtain it! so do it!

Love Sister Russell 

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