Monday, May 23, 2016

Weekly Email May 23, 2016

Hey hey hey! 
this week was a fabulous one. you know how you are just so happy and just for no good reason?!? i feel like that all the time, but i know the reason and it JESUS! (: 
 This week was full of great moments such as...
  • doing service on many occasions! cleaning up an old house for a member and then helping another one move! 
  • eating at stevi b's with sister dorberth and desiha! WE threw down! 
  • we were able to go out with many members this week to teach with them! i love how they add and fill in the gaps and make it a beautiful spiritual experience! all those that we bring get along so well with the investigators! 
  • EMILY IS FABULOUS. SHE IS OUR PROGRESSING AND THRIVING INVESTIGATOR! SHE LOOOOOVES THE GOSPEL. we are super excited for her. she is planning on being baptized june 25th, keep her in prayer! 
  • sister nau is a fabulous companion...she serves me ALL THE TIME. she made me chocolate chip pancakes, brings me food when im too lazy to get up and she makes me dinner. i love her so much. we are a really good companionship, we never get down on each other and we know were on the same team! (: 
I have been reading 1 nephi 15 & the verses that really stuck out to me were 23 & 24. nephi is explaining to his brothers the importance of scripture study. I am so incredibly grateful for the desire i have to read the scriptures each day. I love it! its one of my favorite parts of my day, the lord is able to communicate with me! I love that the spirit testifies to me of the truthfulness of what i read. we had a member come home from his mission this week and he tesitfied of the improtance of using the book of mormon correctly. its not about the stories, they are good and powerful experiences but its more so how the spirit work with you as you read them! what is the lord trying to tell you? i testify that the scriptures are important, they build that bridge of communication with our father in heaven. i love this work, there is nothing greater than serving others. 
I'd invite you all to read your scriptures daily and apply them in your life. dont read them just as something to check off, pray for that desire to read them! i promise you when you do you will never be lead astray and the temptations of the world will never be so great to overpower you!
-sister russell

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