Monday, August 1, 2016

Weekly Email August 1, 2016

Hey everyone! 

I hope you had a fabulous week, my week was somewhat of a roller coaster and it ended with partaking of the sacrament which was such a treat! :) This past preparation day I really prepared myself for the week! I added a bunch of people into my GPS, i made pass along cards, reorganized stuff and cleaned.... just call me GINA ELLSWORTH! 

  I really love being apart of such a marvelous work! We were able to come across a lady named PC and our spirits just clicked! It was a powerful experience, she reminded me of my sister Alexus!  We gave her a book of Mormon and bore testimony that if she had the faith and the desire to know its true GOD WOULD TELL HER. I have so much faith in the spirit and how it will tell us the truth of ALL things. Yup, you heard me right all things. If you don't believe me try it...but don't just do it out of curiosity...get an answer and don't do what the spirit told you to do. 

I love the opportunity we have every morning to go workout! I don't know if it looks like I've lost any weight or anything...thats truly not the point but its so great! I have my whole mission been surrounded by sisters who hate themselves and what they look like and how much they weigh and i truly love who i am. Whether i am 5 lbs lighter or heavier i am still ME! A size could not contain all this joy and craziness, i am not defined by numbers (: I just hope if any of you are struggling with you image, turn to the lord. Figure out who you are behind all the worldly definers and you'll be content with who you are and who you are striving to become!

I studied President Monson's talk from this past general conference "CHOICES" and oh it was so good! It made me think of 2 Nephi 31:18, 19, and 20. Where you are today has all been a result of choices you made good or bad. I really pondered on those scriptures and we must make better decisions if we are ever to be like our father in heaven. We have to know where we want to go and then act accordingly! I have been really thinking of the decisions i need to make in the future about my career, where i will live, what kind of person i want to become and what kind of person i need to marry in the future who can help me get back home to my father in heaven. I am grateful for the gift of the holy ghost that helps me understand if the choices i make will have positive outcomes or not. Please have an eternal perspective, remember who you are and whose you are! (:

PRAY FOR SISTER RUSSELL, my companion is going home and i am getting put with other sisters and probably a new assignment. (: I am trying to keep calm but a little prayer couldn't hurt! (:

Sister Russell

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