Monday, May 4, 2015

All Good in Da HOOD

Monday- Honestly the struggle is REAL when I have to do studies on Pday. I just want to email my family and friends...but I'm praying to work on that! We went to the zoo! It honestly isnt that much to rave about...I mean they had this awesome reptile exhibit they are building and we got to walk around but other than that it wasn't super i hate animals. Any who! I had fun though, I got to mess around and dance and it was just great. (: Pday is always so fun when we go with Sister Manzer and Iverson! My mom sent me meals....WHAT AN AWESOME MOTHER! She sent me Gravy(spaghetti sauce for all those are like "ew. gravy?") , stuff to make enchiladas, chicken salad and OH  so much more! Also she sent me Georgia Peach body spray and soap! Which I love! I have been wearing it everyday! 

Tuesday- I am having a hard time sleeping...I don't understand because 95% I want sleep more than oxygen. We a had district meeting and those are always a blast! The elders are such goofs. We do this speed role  playing and its SO fun and effective! We had exchanges today! I got Sister Fluckiger...yeah try and get that name right! I ended up introducing her to everyone as Sister F. We had a blast! I learned A LOT. We drove to the airport two times because Michelle (the GPS) was being evil. I went to the Dickersons for Dinner and that was delish! I had squid...or octopus not sure which but that was so good! I had seaweed too! Very yummy! OH MY WORD. I FOUND A TARGET. I CANNOT WAIT TO GO SHOPPING! 

Wednesday- We had a new missionary meeting and that was awesome! (: It made me so excited to just go talk to people about the gospel! Seriously. I am surrounded by the COOLEST people. They are all so spiritual and they can be funny too. Idk about you but I love Mormons, they're hilarious. I met two people that I know I was sent here to meet and man I cannot wait to meet with them again! So i promised an investigator if he stopped smoking I'd get him a chocolate cake! He stopped smoking!! (: WHOO!!

Thursday- That cake that I got...yeah i didn't make it (because aint nobody got time for that) and we brought it to that investigator he was DRUNK. I was livid. So Sister Daffer and I ate the whole cake. 

Friday- Sister Daffer and I talked at Zone Training on being consecrated. After Zone training we all stood together and sang Called to Serve in front of the Atlanta Temple and bore our testimonies. It was incredible the spirit that was felt. I met an amazing guy and I am really looking forward to teaching him more about the gospel! His desire to change his life is incredible! I love it! Sister Daffer made baked asparagus and that was DELICIOUS. I am a lover of asparagus. We then took our car in to be fixed and we went to dunkin donuts to make calls and what not and then...I GOT ASKED OUT ON A DATE. Most awkward thing ever. TSwift came on in dunkin, Shake it off and my companion had no idea what the song was. It was quite hilarious considering us (people in the world)  have a hard time forgetting what that song is! Sister Daffer and I are hooked on Pringles, I love the chile on queso & she loves the cheeseburger ones. I'm glad my companion is as strange as I am (:

Saturday-  We got the opportunity to clean the church and that was fun! (: There are tons of cute houses here and I am totally thinking about moving to georgia! So in georgia a grocery store here is kroger, and if you use the bar code thats in the back of the book of mormon you get a discount!! (: THE CHURCH IS TRUE YALL!  I had Crab...( i know Matt is proud of me)!  LOL I didnt like it at all...It was so gross. I actually snuck some off of my plate and put it on Sister Daffers! LOL I found a braid on the ground and taped it to the northpoint sisters door and it was great! Theres a video coming your way! 

Sunday- My list of things to fast for was INSANE IN THE MEMBRANE. Its really hard to fast when you're a missionary. I gave a man $20 because he needed money to get a place for the night and so i shared the gospel with him and in return i got a butt load of artwork. (i'll be sending that to you real soon lila, they are going to be awesome coloring pages) We went to the Hoppers and shared a lovely message! We got cookies and fruit from her because well she loves us (: 

I invite you to share your testimony of The Book of Mormon and how its blessed your life. What has it taught you? What will you do with that information and how will you continue to learn?? Think about that (: Dont be afraid to share your testimony! Pray for opportunities to share it with others and you will have opportunities! (:
I love yall!

Sister Russell 

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