Monday, May 11, 2015


Monday: We went to Ardens Garden and OH MY WORD. BEST SMOOTHIE PLACE EVA. I loved it soooo much. Also they are way cheaper than you know where my spare change is going! I took a 20 minute nap...word to the wise: don't ever take a nap if you are not getting your maximum amount of rest, so not worth it. We went and looked at all this awesome art with the other sisters. Then we went to TARGET. Yes, target! I found one. It was quite glorious as David Arch-ya-beautiful would say. We had dinner at the Gentrys home. All you people that were in Gateway Gardens Ward any of yall know Marsha and Jeremy Gentry? Anyways they're great!

Tuesday: CINCO DE MAYO! Yeah... we celebrated it in our district meeting. The Terrys brought some Mexican cookies and little drinks. I did not partake. I really have been reflecting on each day and I really love looking at the personal progress I have been doing! After the meeting we went to Churchs and let me just say when theres chicken there cant be a miracle far behind. The lady that worked there asked me what I was doing and I explained we were missionaries. And at that moment I didn't feel like I was saying any of the things I was saying...straight up holy spirit. Everything I said sounded too perfect and I knew it was him because I was feeling so spiritually uplifted in the churchs pick up line! Holy spirit rocks, always be worthy to have it with you ALWAYS! I put some of the elders socks in the fridge...pranks are so great. (:  Had salmon for the first time and LOVED IT!

Wednesday: I had African food again. I also went to a members house and she gave us a salad which was cottage cheese, lettuce and fruit. I gagged just smelling it and so I stuffed it all in my mouth and then hurried to the bathroom and threw it up. I felt so bad but it had to happen. Sister Daffer got a kick out of it. Our district is singing on mothers day so we started practicing today. The elders bring honey because they think it will help them LOL

Thursday: Planning day. I made some mothers day cards for the women here in the 30308 who fulfill all my motherly needs. We have a new investigator she's from China and shes awesome! (: Worked in Brother Moores Garden and got eaten alive by mosquitoes! Oh my word.

Friday: Practiced for our song today and that was fun. The shaky knees fest is right next to our apartment so all the roads are crazy. It was 90 degrees today...can you say SWEATY? Our district leader and zone leaders are the sweetest! They called us today and said a prayer for us and our families. #muchlovefomyelders

Saturday: Practiced our song. Elders got me back for putting their socks in the fridge a second They didn't learn the first time! They put honey all over our car door handles. I wrote down the type of women I think our elders will marry. That was fun to see their reactions...most of them were accurate.

Sunday: We got to the church and at 9:30 the power goes out. So were all just chillin in the dark. So we started sacrament meeting in the dark and that was all we were going to do if the power didn't come back on. It made me realize that the main reason why we go to church is to partake of the sacrament...the rest of it really is irrelevant. The lights turned on halfway through the sacrament prayer. We sang for church and everyone loved it!! (: Then sister daffer and I taught in relief society about the book of Mormon and how it is the keystone of our religion. After church I stuck a braid on the elders car with a sticky note saying " THINGS JUST GOT HAIRY LOVE THE SISTERS". Oh cant believe I almost forgot. You know the guy who plays Napoleon Dynamite, I met his twin brother! He has the coolest Man bun ( Tyler you would be jealous!), his name is Dan and he served a mission in Japan. Im going to talk to him more next Sunday!  I talked to my sweet mama & fam yesterday! That was fun...then afterwards I realized I didn't even say happy mothers day.. So mom Happy Mothers day! (:

If any of you lovely people wanna send me some recipes to make some yummy quick meals....I wouldn't be mad (; Love yall!

Sister Russell 

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  1. It's wonderful to read all your fun and unique and spiritual experiences! Brings me back to my full-time mission all those years ago and reminds me to strive to be better at sharing the Gospel wherever I am. Thanks for your great example and service!