Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Just a day just an ordinary day... lol!

MONDAY: We went to the mall and it started pouring rain but daffer insisted that we continue our journey. LOL She is one crazy white sistah!  We all found out that Elder Norlund and Elder Alade were leaving our district and then Elder Vernon was going home. Its like the heart of the district is leaving but its okay i'll manage (: I got a sweet package from The Shields! THANK YOU SO MUCH! It made my day! I finally stuck elder vernons glasses in jello, SWEET REVENGE.

TUESDAY: Okay I cant put into words how much I loved my district. We had our last meeting together and it was 
so spiritual. Everyone cried...EVERYONE. We bore our testimonies, sister daffer and elder vernon sang to us ( WHICH WAS SO GREAT) and we heard the last remarks from everyone leaving.I gave elder vernon his jello glasses and then elder norlund started eating it and had jello all over his suit. That Elder cracks me up!!

WEDNESDAY:We ended up being at transfer meeting early so we walked around talked to people. Elder Alade and Elder Norlund decided to bestow upon me the most swankified glasses they found on the road last week. LOL I was pretty nervous for my new companion and I asked Elder Vernon to give me a blessing and it was beautiful. It was such a comfort to know that I have people around me who hold the priesthood authority and use it in such a way that blesses all those around them. That was my last memory of elder vernon, i think thats a pretty good one dont cha think?! We all sang in transfer meeting that was fun! My new comp. is from Australia! Sister Aiono! She is precious! Also she loves black people A LOT, So thats good because if she didnt this whole mission thing would be real awkward.
THURSDAY: PLANNING DAY....& I had subway.

Friday: Crazy miracles! we ended up running into a lady named mary woods and come to find out we were suppose to meet with her the first day on my mission and she wasnt home. We went back and she still wasnt there. But now we are teaching her!! (: I am really loving looking for miracles in each day even the really hard ones...

Saturday: I seriously live on the craziest street in ATL. They had a parade and blocked off all the streets....I was so were low on miles. Whoo. We found lots of investigators today. I am really missing my crazy little fart sister. Anyways im sorry this weekly update kinda stinks...All I am really thinking about is taking a nap LOL

Sunday: Twas a great day! Brother moore is seriously the best missionary ever!!! He invited his granddaughter and  great grands to church!! (: SO COOL!! (:

Box of sunshine from the Shields' Family

Jello prank :)

Elders taking your camera and being crazy!  

New companion from Australia! 

Pranks :) 

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