Monday, July 13, 2015

Monday: Woke up and cleaned the apartment. For personal study I read in the chapter Mormon and that was really quite insightful. He is a pretty cool guy! I would've been BFFS with him. My dear friend Dave Chalk passed away 2 weeks ago and I am just so grateful for the knowledge of the plan of salvation. I know he is doing missionary work and continuing to be a blessing to all who meet him. I am saddened that I had a prompting to email him a few weeks ago and never did. I would invite you all to listen to the promptings of the spirit, even if you think its a minuscule thought. The North Point Sisters came with us to the Civil and Human Rights Museum. That was  incredible! I cant even tell you how impactful it is. The fact that I have a blended family is just such a blessing to me, I love this day and age we live in!! (: I got some letters from my mom and family! I got an awesome cactus necklace that I absolutely adore! (:

Tuesday: We didn't have district meeting and that through me off. We went to College Football Hall of Fame. This sweet guy we met at Walmart told us he could give us free tickets and it was his day off that he took us there! (: It was pretty cool! I am not a huge fan of college football or football in general other than watching it. I could care less who did what...but it was still fun! We met a guy from the Virgin Islands and his hair looked just like MINE! (: We had dinner with Amy Evans again, I really do love her! She is so great! She ordered pizza and a pizza cookie. We talked about weird elders, fun mission stories and the Atlanta ward. She said something that was very profound to me and I love it so much! "The work will go forth whether you are apart of it or not " This is SO true! 

Wednesday: We studied at the temple and that was really spiritual. I miss going to the temple. I have only gone once since ive been here. The sisters met us there and we did exchanges. I stayed in Atlanta and I was with sister suda! She sprained her ankle so it was a pretty relaxed day. We visited sister shedrick, Diamond and Sister Matele! I love those sisters so much!!

Thursday: We exchanged back with our companions and I missed my aussie! We had district meeting and interviews with the mission president! I love President Foote! He is my mission president, I am so grateful for the direction he is taking! It is definitely inspired! The zone leaders threw the bag of peanuts all over our still trying to figure out how elder dimanche got the keys...That crazy Haitian. So we got the water pump/gun and sprayed them! It was pretty legit! Anyways on a serious note though...Elder Dimanche doesn't receive letters or packages so if anyone wants to be kind and write him that would be sweet! Email me and let me know if you do and I can give you his address! (: We met Sister Kelley, she is 101 years old!! (: She loves DR. PEPPER & loves caring for people! We are going back tomorrow to hangout with her some more! Sister Reams fed us and man...she went all out!!!

Friday: Sister Kelley has the best memory ever! She fed 6 missionaries in London England and guess who was one of them? I'll give you a hint. He ran for president. MITT ROMNEY! Sister Kelley showed us a picture so he is the missionary dead center in the middle of the picture. She was so sweet, we sang her songs and she didn't know I was black and when she found out she got really excited! It was precious!

Saturday: My favorite scripture today is 2 cor. 12:9, I love it! I called people out of the area book for a while that's really fun. I decided if I cant make it into medical school, ill become a secretary. LOL im kidding but it would be fun! We went to the baptism for Roger and Calvin and that was AWESOME! President and sister Foote came! Oh and so did elder Leavitt! We had the opportunity to meet sister Jimmy Sheperd and she is incredible! (:

Sunday: So about 10 mins into ward council someone walks in...wearing all white and everyone stops and stares. Come to find out its the guy that wanted to marry sister daffer and I spiritually to our spouses. He came to church! That was a blessing! We got to hangout with primary and nursery. That was really great! (: I got to be the scripture fairy...I had to wear a pink wig, wings, a tutu, and carry a wand. It was pretty fun! The teachers in there were talking pictures and so were those will be leaked probably soon. haha. We went to the Gentrys for dinner and I love spending time with their family its always the best!! (:

-Sister Russell

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