Monday, July 27, 2015

Weekly Email!

Monday: I'm reading in Ether in the book of Mormon. I like it..i'm not in love with it...maybe in due time i'll be in love with it. We went around town and took pictures. As you can see I am jealous that the elders get to ride bikes so I wanted to take a turn! lol We got fed by the hoppers and I am eternally grateful!

Tuesday: District meeting was fun. The terry's weren't there and that was weird. We had lunch, I am learning to play some songs on the piano thanks to the sullivans! We went to this ladies home thinking she lived there and ended up it was a guy named Rashad! He said he doesn't open the door for church ladies and he said he felt something tell him to open the door. we plan on going back on Thursday! (: We went to sister holloways and that was fun! she has a 3 legged dog named Quarter!

Wednesday: We have been playing tennis in the mornings and I wish I would have asked Clint to teach me how to play better! I am not that great! But I just like running around and making really loud grunting noises! We saw diamond and I just love her! We could be like distant cousins or something! Then we went to see greg and he said that he has got our backs when we are in his hood! I felt pretty cool! We had a lesson with Quentin and it was outside and it was so hot!!! Sister parker brought us dinner and then she convinced/ forced us to be apart of this musical number for this Sunday!! AH! Oh I sewed elder waites pants and they didn't tear! I am so proud...they looked a little rough but hey they're fixed!

Thursday: I read enos, jarom and Omni and I love how awesome they are at keeping journals! Sis Aiono and I likened the devil to turkey bacon...its think you are winning because you think youre getting bacon and in all seriousness you get tricked. Go for the Pork! Go for the 100%! Real Bacon...a Real God. We saw sister reams and we also saw the littles!

Friday: I studied about patriarchal blessings and I read 1 nephi 16! I really love that there are lots of parallels in that to our patriarchal blessings. We went to the relief society activity and that was super!! (: I loved it! We went to the baptism! We then went to bro moores!

Saturday: We have new senior missionaries in our ward. We sang in church that was super duper fun! We have a new ward mission leader! We hungout with the ivanichjs...
yeah im sorry that my details are really short I had no time this week. MY APOLOGIES. But be creative with the pictures and try and figure out whats happening (: LOL!


Sister Russell

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