Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Weekly Email!

Monday: Brother Bellamy wanted to buy us lunch so he ordered pizza for us and the elders. We ate and then we went home and napped. LOL I have the hardest time wanting to do something fun on pday other than get some sleep! Oh i met a gay priest, his name is Christopher he was so sweet!
Tuesday: We had District Meeting and Elder Muhlestein did a pretty good job. He had an object lesson *cue the oos and ahhhs* and then we did a get to know you game. I'm going to be completely honest I didn't write very much in my journal this day so...yeah.
Wednesday: Brother Moore invited us to go to a BBQ for the Masons...I still have no idea what a mason is. We then went to West End Mall and talked to Q about the gospel. We invited her to come to church and then we went finding in the neighborhoods around there. I met an Albino man, he is so beautiful!!! I love albino people. We knocked on so many doors and no one answered..well this one lady did and she screamed at us.  We got fed by Sister Holland! She is such a sweet lady! <3 We went to church and sister Aiono did family history because well I don't have any info to put into my family history so...yeah. I hung out with sister Kembe Sullivan and Corbin her son (who is 5). I asked Corbin if he was going to serve a mission and he said yes! I asked him where he would want to serve and he said Utah! LOL I love it! Watch out Utah! (:  Oh and i ate a bowl of ice cream in bed and i have no shame in that.
Thursday: I had a dream that Usher fell madly in love with me and decided to join the church and we went on a couples mission.  Don't have ice cream before you go to bed. You have weird dreams! We went to Lorenzo's and taught him. Also we had weekly planning which is ALWAYS eventful....not. I don't like planning so i will have to think of some ways to make it more fun. We had a lesson with kristi and i used my moms weekly scripture she gave me to teach her. I thought it was pretty appropriate! (: Kristi knows how to braid and i am thinking of getting my hair braided but not sure if i wanna spend money on my hair...
Friday: We went tracting around 30310 and we went to this one house that had a bird house that looked just like their home! Come to find out its a little library!! (((: Its so cute! You can put books in and you can take books out! We went to the freeman's and taught keira. We taught her word of wisdom. We are preparing her for baptism. Sister Aiono and i like to play mash when we go to the church for lunch. Its pretty fun! We had a lesson with john. We locked our keys in the church so we had to wait for our District Leader to come save us! lol We then went to sister colbert's house to get fed!  She has done 400 names in the temple! She is seriously so cool.
Saturday: We had a service project and I have decided that sweat is a fashion statement. The yard looks FANTABULOUS though! (: I loved that we had the opportunity to serve a sister in our ward! My back as killing me. The elders were all singing the prayer by celine deon. That was hilarious. We went home and showered. Then we were back to work even though we were EXHAUSTED.
Sunday: I made cookies for the elders. They turned out AMAZING!!  President and sister foote came to the Atlanta Ward! They gave incredible talks on the savior. Sunday was extremely perfect for me. I feel like every Sunday i feel more and more appreciative of my savior and the sacrament. I realized what was missing all these Sundays. I missed my family sitting beside me, partaking of the sacrament and being together. That is the higlight of every sunday and I want that same thing for my future family. (: I love Sabbath day!! We colored with the primary kids and then we had correlation meeting. Elder Robison brought his kangaroo pouch and i definately want one. So he said he would get me one.
I would invite yall to pray for opportunities to tell people about the Savior and your beliefs. Whether you are a member of the church or not. Tell someone about your beliefs. It will help them reflect upon their own beliefs and really help them grow.
I love yall! Thanks for all the support and I'm sorry if i don't email you back quickly, know that i love you!

Sister Russell 

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