Monday, July 6, 2015


Monday: It's Pday! I think I have to motivate myself the most on Pday to actually wanna do something fun other than sleep. Anyway I took an hour nap and recuperated, got a letter from elder winn!

Tuesday: I finally used my jumprope because its not all tangled up and what not! I love it! I am going to do it everyday morning and night! We put sticky notes all over Brother Bellamys door and that was super fun!! Sister Aiono got hushpuppies which I have never had before so that was interesting. We found a lady in Walmart and her name is TRESSA! (: How cool!! Also met a guy who works for College Football Hall of Fame and we are meeting him next week there, he's getting us in for free!! Then we went to Sister Willis for dinner and she always treats us like royalty!

Wednesday: MEET THE PRESIDENT! Pres. Foote is exactly what I was praying for, this is MY mission president. Elder Waite, Richardson and sister Aiono and I sang a musical number for the meeting. It was really awesome! After the meeting we went to Claritha's home and she told me she is getting baptized before I leave..which that is very comforting. We told her she has to pray!! (: I know she will get baptized because she has had the spirit confirm to her that it is true! We went to West End Mall and that was really fun, ended up talking to two employees in Payless. It was such a spiritual moment!

Thursday: We met with a sweet old man named Lorenzo, he wants to be baptized! (: We visited Nancy and I just love her so much. She is just whizzing through the book of Mormon! We went to tramelles and that was really fun! Got to talk to him about the plan of salvation and his cousin was there. We ended up inviting his cousin to baptism!

Friday: We went running today and that was killer. We went to the freemans and we love visiting them! We went to the littles for pizza and apple pie pizza! It was delish! I am just so grateful for all the sweet members in our ward!

Saturday: It was pouring rain when we woke up and we didn't think there would be a BBQ but that doesn't stop people in the south!! We cleaned the church, and then helped Elder Parker of the Seventy and Pres. Sullivan with the food. We had a few appointments and then we went back for the barbecue! It was so much fun! I loved spending time with everyone today! It was really great!

Sunday: We had fast and testimony meeting! Those are always interesting (: We met with sister haggins and I LOVE her! She is so incredible, she travels all around the world which is legit! We went to a graveyard and that was fun! It was very peaceful. Also the sisters came over and we put makeup on one another! LOL

My spiritual thought this week is follow the spirit. It will guide you and direct you as to what you should do. But first you must do everything you can to be worthy to have it with you. I have been praying sincerely to be able to find opportunities to talk to many people and the lord provides! It is incredible. (: I love the lord and I love all yall! Behave yourselves and keep the people in Atlanta in your prayers! <3

Sister Russell

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