Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Weekly Email September 14, 2015

Monday: LABOR DAY! we went out with many members! it was super fun. we hungout with sister remund and sister coble. I love them both so dearly they have the sweetest testimony. also if they are looking for a good Mormon message they need to do one on sister greta coble, the sweetest lady in snellville and the best conversion story. we went to berens frozen custard place and that was a delight! we went out to provinos an italian restaurant in snellville. it was pretty good. nothing like oregano's... but it'll do. We talked to the centerville elders for about 30 mins, elder hollingsoworth played his ukelele for us and sang. lol 

Tuesday: PDAY...I drove around trying to find a ukelele and couldnt find one. #LAME

Wednesday: We brought elder solomons bright green birthday cake. The zone leaders were there and that was fun! Elder Alade and i talked about the good ol days back in ATL. I received the most comforting blessing from the elders. I appreciate men who honor and hold the priesthood. I have come to appreciate it so much more on my mission. Sister despain left and i got a new companion sister hunter! She is from Alpine, Utah and is so cool! Sister shaffer took us to walmart so i could buy a gps and then we went to my new favorite place Zoes Kitchen! I love mediterranean food! (: SO GOOD! We have been able to see the power of the book of mormon in our tracting and teaching!! 

Thursday: WEEKLY PLANNING! Sister hunter and i have established nicknames white lightning and chocolate thunder. You can tell this next two weeks will be a blast! (:  I love her! 

Friday: We went to chat & chew for relief society! that was super fun! baked potato bar and salad! (: yumm! we went tracting and that was super fun! We went and visited lots of members! i love the snellville ward they are so loving and accepting to everyone! 


Sunday: Stake conference. picnic with the shaffers. We went to atlanta...i wanted to cry because i  miss the city. 


Sister Hunter and I are truly working together so well! We are determined to help those we come in contact and not only invite them to come unto christ but ourselves as well. I am grateful for the book of mormon and the strong conviction i got years ago that jumped started my desire to follow the savior and since then it continues to help me be the person i want to become. The things i once valued and loved when i was of the world all seem so miniscual now. I treasure the knowledge i have of my savior jesus christ, that he is there and his love is constant, amongst all the changing trends in the world and caos i can count on him. I treasure that i am a woman that makes and keeps sacred covenants. I desire those same things for my investigators to value the things that will help us become who he wants us to become. Lots of miracles being seen by myself and my companion. There will be many more to come. have a great week yall. LOVE YOU!

Sister Russell 

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