Monday, September 21, 2015

Weekly Email September 21, 2015

monday: went to the library. grocery shopping. napped. read my scriptures. We had dinner with sister ladd and she is such a sweet, christlike woman! We didnt know where to find so ended up going home and just making calls and then we heard a knock at the door. Sister Hunter looked out the peep hole and said it was a man...she was about to open it but i said NO! Wait! I have to grab a knife just in case. Then she opened the door and it was RUSS HILL!!! Oh my heavens. I was taken by surprise!! I just started to cry. This was the man that helped jumpstart my testimony, my desire to serve a mission, to be a powerful example of the savior in all that i do, to not be afraid of inviting people to learn of the gospel. This was someone who i had looked up to since i was younger and he was at my doorstep. It was so cool.

tuesday: we had district meeting and that was an awesome experience! I love the elders in our district they are led by the spirit and it inspires me! I love that we have the oppurtunity to meet each week and support one another. Elder Nelson shared that he has been having a rough time with not having anyone to teach and he shared helaman 10:1-5. What a powerful scripture! We then had lunch afterwards and then we went out to our car and the elders had pranked us. They put streamers all over our car, silly string, and birthday cards. We wen to the odells home for dinner and we shared D&C 84:88 and in that moment i realized that because my mom decided to take a leap of faith and read the book of mormon and the fact that she raised me in the church has not only changed my life completely but for all the generations to come. missionary work is POWERFUL. 

wednesday: we met a guy who sings in a group called the spinners....i have no idea who they are but yeah anyways.. we went to lunch with the nalders and that was fun. We went to china chef. I love them, they are such a fun couple! We then went to ollies bargain outlet, so cool!!! We then went to sister parkers, she has really bad migraines and was telling us she has tried everything. as she was saying that i got the impression to ask her if she had fasted before, but i didnt want to ask because she had said she already tried everything. so i pushed it aside. then the prompting came again. I then asked and she said..."well no..i hadnt even thought of that." It was a powerful conviction to me that the lord works through us by the power and gift of the holy ghost! 

thursday: oh i forgot to mention i have been sick since tuesday....I refuse to go to the doctors. My allergies are killer here. any who. We had weekly planning and then we wet to the cahills for dinner and then we went finding because all of our appointments fell through. 

friday: we did service for sister shaffer that was super fun! We also were able to go to panera bread with her for lunch.  we went to a few people homes and invited them to continue to read the book of mormon and found some more people who are interested. Then i took sister hunter to waffle house because shes never been. i dont love waffle house...its not super duper great but you've got to experience it. we went to sister youngbloods house and she has a star wars bathroom. she is going to make a list of movies i need to see and were going to watch them when i get off my mission in her movie room! 

saturday: met some fun people finding.

sunday: 8 less actives came to church!!! (: whoo hoo! We found out that sister hunter is leaving to centerville ward and i am staying and training a new missionary. I might train Emily Bell! how crazy would that be! (: lol 

I could be here all day telling you about my eventful, dissappointing, but most rewarding week ever but i wont do that because well no really has the time for that. (: We have been really good on leaving committments and follow up with them and calling people and scheduling appointments. We had two days straight where everything fell through and i just got so discouraged. I just didnt understand why all of this was happening, but then it hit me. I thought of the savior and how he has felt exactly how i have felt and i found great comfort in knowing it. I loved the comfort that came to me instantly when i turned my thoughts to the savior. Then this sunday we come to church and there are 8 less actives that came. It was such a blessing to see so many people at church, and two of the members came up to us and asked where can i pay my tithing. When i heard that my heart was touched, the first thing they felt they needed to do was to pay their tithing. Another member received her patriarchal blessing and that was so great because she was less active when we got to this area. Allowing people to have those spiritual experiences as well as ourselves is so important. This morning reading I was reflecting upon why its so important that the restoration occured. I started reading 2 nephi 28 and i just felt the spirit testify of the truthfulness of the restoration. It brought tears to my eyes because i had felt that burning feeling and i knew that god loved me, loved me enough to provide me with direction to follow him more fully and thats why i want to be apart of this glorious work. I want the book of mormon to flood georgia and the earth. I want people to know that they are not alone and that God is the same yesterday today and forever. Jesus christ is the savior of the world and that we can turn to him when we feel inadequate, when we feel we dont measure up he fills the gaps. I love this work. This was a trying but yet so rewarding week. 

Sister Russell 

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