Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Weekly Email September 8, 2015

Monday:  I read alma 5 for personal study and that was super fun! I also went to walmart to print out some pictures because well i can. I wrote some letters because sister despain had to go to the doctors. I am going to take up the ukelele...well more like try and figure out how to play it. lol We did mostly finding today.

Tuesday: We went and visited Fay and she has the best southern accent!! We then went to lunch at sister Nalders and she sounds so much like Nonie it isnt funny. She even laughs like Nonie. (: I love her, i dont feel too far away from family here in GA. We then went to Brigettes and she is awesome! Such a sweet spirit she has! Then we went to the shaffers and well we get treated like family there and thats the best! (: 

Wednesday: I woke up at 4am and i couldnt fall back asleep so i took a long shower...got ready and started heading to Jonesboro for the zone conference! (: It was so cool...when we got there I saw too many familiar faces! Dimanche, Aiono, Muhlestein, Waite, Manzer, Campbell!!! AHH! It was a super awesome conference! It was full of great insights! I love president foote and the spirit and humor he brings to the mission! We went to the Davis family for dinner and they made us breakfast! BEST MEAL EVER! I love breakfast...simple and its always good. You cant screw up breakfast! I love brother davis he is hilarious and has such a strong testimony of the gospel! 

Thursday: Weekly planning by myself...and i cried. 

Friday: I didnt feel good today and havent been feeling too well...but whatever. Sister Despain is going home and i am getting a new companion. We went finding and we had 3 appointments fall through.

Saturday:  We met with Santana and she is so amazing! She is so excited to read the book of mormon! We went and visited sister coble and she is awesome! She has been working at the high school she graduated from for 45 years! CRAZY!! We were able to see centervilles baptisms! It was such a great experience! (: We had a mission wide call and that was so spiritual. I loved it. I took some melatonin with this bliss ( fizzy drink tastes like soda) and i totally clonked out.

Sunday: I woke up and got ready couldnt decide what shoes i wanted to wear and i ended up putting one of each on to see which one i liked more...then i continued to get ready. Got to church...still had one of each shoe on my feet... I was still in a daze. Sister despain had to drive because i wasnt feeling good. I dont even remember taking the sacrament...but any who. I love being a missionary. Please if you havent been already...pray for opportunities to share the gospel with people around you. 


<3 Sister Russell

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