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Weekly Email December 28, 2015

monday: we cleaned up our apartment, i wrote in my journal to catch up on a few days, listened to voice recordings and got ready! we then went to the church and we got picked up by sister samuel. we spent the day over at her house with jessica helen and joshes friends. i love that family so much. they all are just so incredible. helen is a lot like me, i feel like she is very few who understand me inside and out. little did i know a mission would give me eternal friends in the wards where i would serve!?! BLESSINGS! i dyed helens hair, she is so much like me when it comes to changing up your hair. i am itching to do something different but i am too lazy also i don't wanna be a risk taker at least now right now…so i'll live through helen.  we then went to the Roberts home and we had FHE and we made gingerbread houses. I made a mobile home/ RV. i want to thank everyone who sent me gifts, i truly appreciate it! THANK YOU: GMA VAL, SHARON & PAPA, MOM, MATT, LILA, MAMA LAWSON, ELG FAMBAM, NONIE, CAHILLS, SNELLVILLE WARD, ANDREW FAM, MORTONS! 

tuesday: we went out with kate and that was super fun! we went knocking around this neighborhood and we sang christmas carols. we then went to a less active members and that was kind of disastrous…sometimes the best thing to do for people is just to pray for em. we went walking around in a neighborhood and followed up with a referral and it was like a 10 year old…it was super awkward because the parents had no idea. we went and visited sister grace and man she is soooo generous! she is always so thoughtful! we then went to the austins and we met at the flynns to go caroling! i made some pretty incredible cookies! it was super fun! i love the snellville ward so much! i am glad i love em because it would be hard to stay longer if i didn't love those that i serve! (: 

wednesday: CHRISTMAS ADAM!!!! we went to the zone conference and that was good. it was pouring rain. we got such a yummy lunch! (: we got presents from the mission president and his wife and the senior missionaries. it was super fun to see all the missionaries from the 3 zones there. i love being a missionary the spirit there is soooo strong! (: there are notes below as to what i learned and what was talked about. there were lots of awesome musical numbers, one with multiple languages! i got voice recordings of them! we then went to the samuel family and we had breakfast for dinner it was so good! we had to drive home in the pouring rain and that was scary…sister lawson scares me at times….but i know the lords got my back. (: 

thursday: CHRISTMAS EVE!  it was thundering and lightning so badly i was up for about two hours just staring out the window. i was really thinking about my mission…and how i don't want to be one of those return missionaries who just falls back into the routine of who they used to be. i want to change i want to be refined for good. i don't want to come back as the same arianna russell, i want to be someone who holds true to her standards, reads her scriptures daily with the intent to bless my life and those around me. i want to defend my faith and my savior jesus christ.  i want to be someone that the lord, my family and my eternal companion can depend on. we did some weekly planning. we went to the garrets for lunch and that was fun. we decorated cookies. then we went to walmart and that was the biggest mistake EVER. i had to get conditioner and i ended up getting shampoo…i was so mad. i left someone a stocking on their car with a book of mormon an invitation to church and a butt load of candy. we went to the cahills home and we had christmas eve ribs! they all gave us gifts and i just love them so much! 

friday: CHRISTMAS! we went to the andrew's home to Skype our family and i also consumed delicious holiday bread…it tasted like a bear claw and those were my favorite to get in college! (: i loved talking to my family! it was so much fun! i hated saying goodbye…that was the worst. i just wanted to be back home. But i wouldn't go back now…i've got work to do! (: i loved talking to my friends, that brought joy to my heart!  we then went to eastside hospital and sang christmas carols., and boy that was incredible. the spirit was so strong. i loved going and visiting people in the hospital who had no one. i believe that will be a tradition i will continue. (: we then went back home and then we had a snack and then went finding. then we went to a members home for Christmas and it was okay! i just really didn't wanna be around anyone i just really wanted to hangout with my family! lol but i was very grateful don't get me wrong (:  twas a good Christmas! 

saturday: a kid stole my bible. we have 37 miles left. we walked everywhere and i slipped and cut my foot on some sloppy black goo & my foot burned for hours. had waffles for dinner and that was divine. i want to give my kidney to a member in the ward because she is struggling and has been going to dialysis 3 times a week for the past 6 months. :( 

sunday: had brunch with sister brewer. church was good. we talked to this sweet lady about the book of mormon and how it will bless her life. we explained the importance of a prophet and the priesthood authority. we talked about why there are so many churches and that god did not want us to be confused but because man thought they could interpret gods word…thats what happened. we promised her when she read the book of mormon she will receive an answer whether it is true or not.  we had dinner with the brown family and then we had a lesson with shenelle. i love that girl so much. she is so sweet. she is progressing so incredibly. it has been such a blessing to see her grow in the gospel and come to love the scriptures! (: 

this week was a very good one. i loved talking to my dad and my mom and everyone else. i loved the spirit i was able to feel as i testified of the things i knew to be true! i love the lord i love this work. i love the person it is helping me become. what a beautiful blessing to serve with everything you have and in return you receive so much more. i'd invite you all to make it a goal to draw closer to the lord! (: THANKS AGAIN FOR ALL THE SUPPORT! 

Sister Russell

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