Monday, January 11, 2016

Weekly Email January 11, 2016

Overall this week as been so incredible! despite our circumstances it was a really great week! (: Sister lawson and i had the opportunity to study about hope. It was really awesome because I really needed to understand what that really meant to me. I have come to the conclusion that hope is the building blocks for faith it enables us to be confident that the lord will bless us if we are doing everything he has asked. here is a way to help you remember this always Having an Optimistic Perspective Expecting blessings! We got to hangout with Helen and her cousin on Pday and that was really awesome. I love helen! she is so great! I am really missing her! When we were at there house monday i was cross stitching on the couch and josh was like wondering what i was doing so i showed him and he said " well i finally found something i can do when the wifi is down".  I love josh! he is seriously the sweetest kid ever!  District Meeting the Zone leaders came and we gave them back judith and leonard. we gave our training on hope and it was brief but POWERFUL! We went to an appointment and they fed us lunch and they brought out a ton of ice cream, cake and pie. I kindly declined and since i havent been eating sugar i am in a better mood...well at least i think. you'll have to double check with my companion (: We met a regional manager and he drove a PT cruiser....we were hoping his name would be Micheal but it wasnt. I had dino chicken nuggets for dinner that was eventful. President foote invited us in September to read the book of mormon and give it to someone and i gave it to my dad! (: I started rereading jan. 1st and i am loving every minute of it! things are sticking out to me that never did before and i know its exactly what i need and what the person i am reading it for will need one day! I am so grateful for the scriptures and how they remind me of the incredible blessings that are in store if i keep the commandments! We were able to do service for sister matthews and we just love going over there! we went finding and we found multiple people who want to meet with us again! it was such a blessing! (: Heavenly father answers prayers, especially if we do everything we can to receive our answer.  We met with a lot of families in the ward this week and that was really good! we want to help everyone around us do more missionary work (: This sunday was a very good sabbath day observance! I really focused on what the bread and the water represented. the bread to represent his body and his physical suffering for each of makes me cringe to think that all the sins i have committed were the cause of his suffering. ME. I CAUSED THE SAVIOR TO HAVE PAIN ,that tears me apart. The water to represent that he bled from every pore for my sake and yours. He suffered spiritually. Because Jesus Christ did this he simply asks us in return to have a broken heart and a contrite spirit. I thought about that over and over again. Broken. The broken bread is what we partake of and we are FILLED.  If we offer a broken heart then it will be FILLED.  He fixes us. We must offer our broken hearts and he helps us make them whole, with him there are no holes. The sacrament should renew us, help us focus on the savior and not just then but ALWAYS. I want you all to know that I know jesus christ lives. I know that because he lives i too can live with my father in heaven. I know that this life is a time for us to prepare to meet god and he has provided a perfect plan for us to return. Does that seem to simple? its because it is! HE IS YOUR FATHER. YOU ARE HIS CHILD. HE LOVES YOU AND WANTS YOU TO RETURN. He has provided the teachings of jesus christ so that we can never be lost we can never say...well dad you never showed me how to get back home. NO, he has. he loves you. I know this. I know that as we align our will with his HE WILL BLESS US. We are the ones who dont keep our end of the deal, he always keeps his promises. If you are less active, get active. if you are active stay active and find things you need to improve on. if you are inactive, pray to your father in heaven and ask him to help you and then GET ACTIVE. If you are in another church and you are wondering why i am so passionate about the church of jesus christ of latter day saints go meet with missionaries! Find out why the gospel is so important to me. It will change your life. This i promise you in the name of jesus christ amen. 

I love you all. I want you to realize how incredibly precious the gospel is, make it a priority in your life. It is not something you just fit in when you have the time, you need to make time for it. I pray for all of you and some by name. i know you are struggling and may be wondering where to go, turn to the one who knows you best. Have a great week (: 

Sister Russell 

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