Monday, January 25, 2016

Weekly Email January 25, 2016

monday: HAPPY MLK DAY!!! sister lawson and i went to sister samuels...typical :) i made the best creation ever..i dont know if i said this last time or not but i made a delish pancake with cookie dough in the center! so good! we watched this awesome event that the conyers stake planned and its called the quest. Each group acts out a story from the book of mormon so it was cool to see that! We went and visited sister christopherson and all her cats so that was fun.

tuesday: we had zone training and that was good. i love the zone leaders they are hilarious and super fun! i just didnt get much out of the zone training and maybe that has to do with how well i prepared myself spiritually for that. afterwards we went on exchanges with the jonesboro sisters i went with sister barron, we both came out the same time. It was super fun! we went finding a lot and we made a lot of return appointments!! I love telling people about christ and how much he has changed my life as i strive to bring myself closer to him and his teachings! we went to chik-fil-a and im totally a fan of it. so yummy! i went to a ladys house and she tried to take off my wig( my actual hair) and she was dumbfounded that my hair looked like a wig. it was really funny!

wednesday: I woke up every hour that was super great. i had an incredible study session where i read the talk ears to hear and eyes to see, i have been striving to see other as the savior sees them. i really want to become more like him and i must treat others more like he would. so it was really incredible that i stumbled upon that one. we had the worldwide mission broadcast and that was awesome! the motto was "teach repentance, baptize converts". we went to dinner at sister fuller's house and had yummy soup! we were talking about family history and we found out that Pres. Gordon B. Hinkley is her uncle! how cool is that? she knew that but that was new info to us! 

thursday: weekly planning. we then went to the library to do indexing but then we figured out the program wont download so i had NO IDEA what to do. lol sister lawson found 18 names!!! i think thats pretty incredible! its a good thing we went to the library, at least she got something done (: we visited sister kemp and she is doing okay! we went and had dinner with fay and that was DELICIOUS!!! SO YUMMY! I love that family! she is my southern grandma and thomas is my souther grandpa! i love that i have family all over now! then we went to the manns! i love that family, they are hilarious! i love tha they make everyone feel right at home! 

friday: We went to sister austins and i got a bloody nose. you would think being somewhere where its humid i wouldnt get them anymore...but i do. we followed up with a guy that we talked to a few weeks ago and we made a return appointment! we had apartment inspections and they went well, we passed! :) we're not slobs! we went to sister graces to paint her house and when we pulled into her yard we got stuck in the mud. so i changed my clothes put my shoes back on and i thought i could push it out...epic fail. but then this incredibly nice man pulls off on the side of the road and asks if he could pull us out. he got all muddy and pulled us out. what a sweet guy! his name was bradford and i cant wait to find him in the spirit world and HUG HIM! he has no idea how much of a help he was! we painted her room with kate and then it started to snow! i didnt have shoes for a little bit but then the taylors gave me a pair of monkey slippers and that was so sweet.

saturday: we went over to shenelles and we were able to read 2 nephi 31 with her before she was baptized that afternoon. it was pretty awesome to read with her before. we went to the church and prepped everything! it was a great turn out! there were so many people there to support her! sister lawson and i had to give talks on baptism and the holy ghost...honestly being up there giving a talk was like a big ol blur. i felt the spirit so strongly at her baptism and that doesnt happen very often for me. when i got to baptism i usually dont feel the spirit so it was refreshing! i got a blessing from the elders because i havent been feeling too well lately, that was really great. i am so grateful for the priesthood authority! we went out with sister coble to visit some people and then we went to dinner at the cahills with the byrds, ausitns, and kate. it was really great to be all with them. I got a call from elder dimanche telling me that i am leaving snellville. sister russell is getting transferred!!!! bittersweet! i'll miss the people here in snellville but i am so excited for a new area! 


Sister Russell

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