Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Weekly Email January 4, 2016

monday: we went to the browns and hungout with mikhail and shenelle! that was super fun! we made cupcakes and they were delicious...thats all i had for breakfast/lunch until we ate with sister coble that night. mikhail strightened my hair and holy cow its long! i kinda was sad when she straightened it because i knew that i would want my hair straight 24/7 but i enjoy my fro. i like that i am not the only one with a fro walking around! (: we then went to sister campbells and talked to her about family history and that was awesome! i am excited to start my family history stuff...kinda. 

tuesday:  district meeting was interesting. our district leader wasnt there and everyting was just kinda wack. its okay though...the spirit was there and he filled in the gaps. :) we then ate lunch then we had an appointment with an investigator john and that went well. it makes me really sad when people are going through trials and they think that god is punishing them, when we understand our purpose here on earth the things we experience give us insight and growth! we then visited a few members from the ward and that was fun to get to know them better! 

wednesday: OH BOY. it was a rough day my friends. rain. rain. more rain. my umbrella broke. our day had two solid appointments and one of them fell through. no where to go. no one was answering our phone calls and no one wanted to answer the door for sopping wet mormons. i honestly was a bit down today but also some womanly factors were also playing into this equation as well. 

thursday: We did weekly planning. we went to buffaloes for lunch....FRIED PICKLES & wings! yumm. we have gone like 50 miles over what we were suppose to...but we seriously cant go anywhere by foot. we live off of a highway. anywho. we then got picked up by sister shaffer and we walked er'where. i miss walking everywhere like in atl. we went and talked to a potential that we met a few months ago and she said that she wants to come to church and wants to feel closer to god and do what is right. so we are teaching her. then we went to the park and talked to this man for about an hour about the purpose of life, about what can truly make us happy and that we dont have to turn to drugs, alcohol, immorality and crime to have fun. it was such a testimony builder for me. i  know why i am here, i know that the things that might be "in" with the world will not last. i know what brings me eternal joy and its my savior, the scriptures, his teachings and eternal families! we then went to sister adamis for dinner! we had martinellis and tater tot casserole! holla! then we went to an investigators house and they are from india...our investigator was supposedly at the house so we were sitting there waiting talking to some distant relative and how she sees cows as pets and that we are crazy for eating them. also i defintley want to watch indian soap operas...they were playing in the backround and i couldnt understand what they were saying but it sounded so intense. then we went to the cooks and we sat around singing christmas songs and listened to motab muppets christmas special and well folks that was my new years eve.

friday: we saw lots of members today! not much else i can say about it. im sorry yall i am just so laz

saturday: we went to aldis. i bought poms, kiwis, salad, granola bars, sunflower seeds, eggs and dino chicken nuggets!! :) we finished weekly planning and then we went to zo√ęs kitchen! i looooooove mediterranean food! yum. we went to a baptism for the centerville elders! it was awesome! then we went finding which wasnt very successful becasue no one answered the door but thats okay SEEDS PLANTED! we went and visitied some less active members then we went to sister samuels! JESSICA (her daughter) had her baby!!!!! shes sooo cute! (: then we met with shenelle and taught her about tithing and fasting! (: i love shenelle and her family they are such great friends to me! i always tell them that were going to be friends for 5ever. 

sunday1 O'CLOCK church. 13 less actives came to church and had to open the overflow. #blessings

read the book of mormon every 5 months. 

finish personal progress excluding the projects just the values
prepare for eternal marriage by loving, helping, supporting and LISTENING to my companion more.
make every moment count on my mission, finish strong. 
figure out what career i want to pursue.
NO SUGAR....so please do not send sister russell any sugary treats. you can send me grocery money so i can buy fresh fruits and veggies :)
Sister Russell

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