Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Weekly Email March 7, 2016

This week was a good one! the rain always messes up with the work, but its okay.
i went on exchanges with my lovely STL sister jones! it was super fun! we found the lovely beautiful joyce! it was such a fun incident! we were walking in the neighborhood and this group of girls complimented us on our outfits and hair and asked us what we were doing. we explained to them we were missionaries and that we go to the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints! we invited them to mutual and then we said a prayer with them. then we asked if they knew anyone that could use a prayer and the one girl said "yes my gma!" so she walked us over to her gmas house and there we sat on her adorable porch swing & taught her about the book of mormon. she recognized that she felt warm feeling inside as we were talking to her & we helped her identify that as the spirit. 
I discovered two delicious mexican restaurants in my area and i am so incredibly excited! MY companion is being transferred this week and i am excited to see who is coming! We were able to go to a lot of members homes this week and that was really good because i still feel like i don't quite know that ward fully yet but i love em. the women in this ward are crazy strong...like the things they go through and despite that can still care for the next person is unreal! I love their strength! MY ward mission leader is the coolest. i am claiming it. he is the best...well one of the best because grandpa marc you probably are killing it! (:  I am doing family history every Tuesday and i am just doing indexing right now but i am really looking forward to doing it! (: I am sorry that i don't have much for you...its been crazy busy and i didn't write in my journal... *tisk tisk* 

CONCLUSION:This week was really good. I enjoyed the hard times that helped me grow closer to him. I have realized that there was a lot of inconvenient things that happened to the savior and he was just trying to do whats right...and i too am in the same boat. there are times when i dont understand why something happens when i am just trying to do the right thing and i too call on heavenly father confused and ask if there is another way. But i learned from my last companion that we must pray for our perspective and attitude to change rather than our circumstances.i am learning to love the people more. Its really incredible how i am starting to truly care for and love them as if they were my own family! i know the lord is aware of me and i am grateful for those that we were able to teach this week. the work is going well, i am being obedient and i find the utmost joy in that. i love striving to do what is right and i love to draw closer to him as i read the scriptures. i will fight each day of my life to return back to my father in heaven and my eternal family, i will only do that by living the gospel and setting aside the sins that easily beset me! 

  • i met a lady who has a pet chicken named fluffy and she goes through the doggy door. 
  • i sat on a juice box at a members house and didnt realize it until i got up 
  • i held an anaconda 
  • i milked a cow & my thanks goes out to the phx az zoo for having that plastic ghetto cow to practice on. #milkingskillzlikenoother
  • sister barron braided my hair and i looked CRAZY.
  • my district leader made a reference to The Office 

Love Sister Russell

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