Monday, February 29, 2016

Weekly Email February 29, 2016

This week felt like all the days blended together and it was hard but it was a good week. Sometimes i feel guilty because i don't LOVE some aspects of missionary work at times but I know the lord knows that i love him and that i will do it despite if i like it or not.  For PDay we went to goodwill and we went to target and went shopping! It was super fun! I got a cute banner and found sticky letters and put one of my favorite sayings on it! We taught this adorable couple and they read the pamphlet and were super interested in learning more. They had a hard time understanding why we need the book of Mormon. 
 District meeting was super awesome! It was exactly what i needed to hear, heavenly father hears my prayers even the ones i don't vocalize. I love the spirit that testifies to me of what i need to hear... i love that the person could be talking about one thing but the spirit testifies of another. We met with the couple again and they said they didn't have any questions but then they all came out and I'm not sure how open they are to what we say. I am just going to continue to pray that i will know what i can do better as a missionary and that they will be able to receive answers to their prayers.
I got rained on multiple times because i couldn't find my umbrella and i seriously looked like a wet dog! it was crazy! its always a little slower with the work when it pours...i am really excited for summer. i know it will be gross and humid but at least people will be home and out and about! 
  We had waffles at the merlings and that was super fun. i love that family so much! they are all about missionary work. i love that they are all so kind to each other!! They are such great examples to me! We are going to go over there and milk their cow and jam out on ukuleles.. well I'm going to attempt (: WE went finding and not very many people opened their doors because it was pouring but that's okay, i felt the spirit.  There is a sweet lady in our ward who is stuck at home and we had the opportunity to  go read scriptures with her and that was so precious. The gospel really does incredible things to each of us as we seek the lord he will manifest himself unto us through the holy ghost! I got to go to new beginnings for the young women and it was a fun treat to do that when my sister just did the same!! (: 
I had sister girardins famous bean burritos and they were delish!!! I had two and i had the biggest realest FOOD baby ever. IT was legit! also sister girardin had never heard of the play hairspray and at the school she works at they were rehearsing for it and she walked by and a kid said " its the white kids turn on stage" and she was like "WHAT?!?!" WHat is going on!?!? It was hilarious for her to describe her confusion! :) I am really loving the members of the ensign ward, they really are sweet!  i got a priesthood blessing from elder herring and it was exactly what i needed to hear. I really just needed to know that heavenly father was proud of us and the work that we had done so far in this area which hasn't been too much but its been my best. I am very grateful for the mission and how it has helped me grow as an individual. I am so grateful for the eternal friends i am making and have yet to make. I have been impacted and I will continue to work hard to impact others lives with the gospel as others have for me!  

Sister Russell

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