Sunday, June 5, 2016

Weekly Email May 30, 2016

Happy first week of summer to all! 

My week was inconvenient to say the least but nothing short of what the savior's life was like I'm sure. I do love the fact that we represent the savior in all that we do. I love that when we go through things whatever they may be i have a better understanding what the savior felt like but yet he never was angry with the situations he was in. He knew that all that happened to him and all that he would have to accomplish was his fathers work and will. I too am doing my fathers will and i cannot get frustrated when people don't want to talk to us or tell us that what we believe is crazy because this is his work, not mine. All of our plans this past week mostly fell through and we were left to make decisions as where to go...which i have a hard time trusting myself so i feel like he was teaching me all week to trust in myself but also trust in him. I am very grateful for the members that are in the areas that i serve in. They are such stellar examples of loving parents, righteous members and i love that i get to see it! for example the schlosser family is fabulous, i can see the blessings that are in there life from serving missions. they teach their children about the gospel and they actually remember the stories from the bible and the book of Mormon! its so awesome!  I pray that my future spouse and i can live the gospel and teach my children in a way that they will know from a young age that Jesus is the Christ! 

 Our lovely investigator Emily is really loving the gospel and we love teaching her! She came to church this Sunday and she said"wow! they are giving out the sacrament just like the apostles did in the bible. this is beautiful!" It was been an incredible journey for her and its awesome that we are able to help her reach her baptismal goal for June 25th

I am very grateful for the opportunity we each have to draw closer to the savior. It is such a blessing to know that we can create our own spiritual experiences. We are living in the last days and we must prepare ourselves and those we love to be ready spiritually!! I testify that the savior will come again and when he does we must be prepared. Would you be okay if the savior came today? would you be prepared? I testify that we need not fear of the second coming but simply utilize the tools our father in heaven gave us to prepare...THE GOSPEL! (: I love this work and i am very grateful for those who give us the time to share our testimonies! 

something that i loved that our mission president shared with us, i'd like to share with yall. 
I am looking at a portrait right now over the mantle in the mission home of Joseph Smith kneeling in the Sacred Grove, with the light descending as he sees that great vision of God the Father and His Son, Jesus Christ.  Just moments before this, Joseph was about to give up to the powers of the adversary that seemed just too strong to overcome.  Do not give up and do not succumb to the evil one that tells us that we just cannot do it.  Trust in the Lord in all your doings,  You can and you will for we are a mighty army, called of God to succeed in all that we are doing.  Great visions and great miracles are just ahead, as they were for Joseph Smith in the sacred grove.

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Have a great week yall!
Sister Russell 

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