Monday, June 13, 2016

Weekly Email June 13, 2016

Hey y'all!
This week was a good trying one. I got sick on Thursday and I'm still in the process of recovering. I felt really bad that I was wasting the lords time because I was sick and I just was a bit discouraged because we weren't working as hard because I felt like death. We were able to talk to a lot of people this week, and there were a good group of people that want to meet with us.
Overall I am really excited for this transfer, it is going to fly by though! We will be going on exchanges with all the sisters and we really want it to be a spiritual experience so we are going to make sure they have goals and then we can focus on them! We had a meeting with all the district leaders and the zone leaders just invited them to be more obedient and talking about how we can raise our vision in the mission. I know the lord has given me and sister nau this calling more so for our own benefit rather than other. I am just really excited to really give it my all!
Its crazy how fast time is flying by. I have loved serving and I truly love this work!!
In sacrament meeting we sang the song I need thee every hour and one of the lines that really struck me was "temptations lose their power when though art nigh". I believe that 100%, when we are committed to what the lord asks of us, then the things that tempt us will dwindle and we will desire to do more good. I testify that the savior loves each of us and is always cheering us on and that's why he gave us the holy ghost, to comfort! (:
HAVE A GREAT WEEK! Sorry its short this week, don't feel too hot.
Sister Russell

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