Monday, June 27, 2016

Weekly Email June 27, 2016

CATS OUT OF THE BAG. Sister Russell snores. Monday i was so beat i took a nap and sister nau said i was snoring so loud she went in the other room. HAHAHA. I couldnt stop laughing when she told me. We went to Emily's to watch meet the mormons with her, she'd never seen it before. I wrote some cards while we watched it. We had dinner at the bishops and it was super good. I am totally converted to sister kelly's cooking. My mama and her are my favorite cooks. 

We had the shortest District meeting eva. The elders had car troubles... but EMILY CAN GET BAPTIZED! YAYY!  We were suppose to go to the temple to go to baptisms for the dead but we ended up not going because shenelle got sick :( We had a really good meeting with sister farmer, we talked about the gospel of jesus christ! We had an hour left to go finding and it was really a great oppurtunity for me to exercise faith! As we were walking around there was a lady sitting watching her little stepdaughter who is black and named Alianna play. she told us that she has a very blended family, her husband is black, a son who is full white and then a mixed son. It was just so cool. it was as if i was talking to my mom who also had a crazy haired little girl who was sticking dirt in her pants. I loved that we were able to tell her that families can be together forever. I walked away with tears in my eyes because it made me miss my family. 

an appointment fell through and we were like well lets just go to our dinner appointment that on the same street and knock doors. As we were driving down the street we saw a man sitting on the side of the road and he just had this look in his eyes that he was just beat. We walked over there and asked how he was doing said he had been working all day and didnt have water ( he works for at&t.). I told him who we were i gave him a card and told him to watch the hallelujah video and he was like well maybe and i told him you dont get any water if you dont watch the video. So we went back and grabbed a cold water and then came back and we actually watched it together, which was a miracle in itself because i guess his ipad is on lockdown strictly for work business...well i said " well this is the lords business, this is truth, the video will work." We sat there and talked to him about the gospel and the spirit! it was incredible! i loved that the lord put him in our path! 

Exchanges were super fun! It was a hot day but i had a good time with sister perry! her and i came out together! It was a great experience because i was really able to learn a lot from her! Sister Jones is her companion and she used to live with me and that was fun to have her under our roof again! 

We were able to see Emily Cade enter the waters of baptism and it was fabulous! I felt the spirit so strongly. Her conversion story is incredible. she met elders 13 years ago and was meeting with them pretty regularly but then they stopped abruptly. Then she moved to Georgia for health reasons and then we found her. The first time we met her she told us that she wanted to convert to "the mormon". It has been an incredible experience to see her really be truly converted to the savior and his teachings! He loves us so much and is reaching out to us! I testify that the power of repentance is real! Baptism by water and by fire are necessary for our salvation. It is an outward sign of our inner commitment to follow the savior and all that he stands for. I am so grateful for the apparent joy in my life and the day i received the gift of the holy ghost it changed my life forever!! 


Sister Russell

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