Monday, August 22, 2016

Weekly Email August 22, 2016

Hey Y'all! (:

This week was full of great miracles one in particular! So a member signed up to feed us and then with us being in the car with her for like 5 mins she got a call and had to take us back home. We then followed our physical prompting to go to five guys because I was super hungry!! We went to Five Guys and there was this adorable girl there! She took my order and we were going to give her a card after we had our food but then she left on break! GAHHH! it was so tragic. So then the next day we are planning and sister Thompson gets the prompting we should go to RUSSELL CIR....I mean do you really think i'm going to turn that down?! (: So we went finding and we talk to this sweet lady on her porch, got a return appointment and then CHELZEY FROM FIVE GUYS WALKS OUT!!! AHH! It was so cool. we gave them both a book of Mormon and invited them to read and pray! It was meant to be! she needs the gospel and we were given another chance by the lord! it was magical! 

Sister Thompson and I have been watching cheesy lds movies and its been fun. We have been just doing our best over here! Its hard to balance everything but its sure been fun! I'm sorry that this update is short and brief. But i am so grateful for this gospel! I know that god lives and that he loves each one of you crazy cats. He will never forsake you or forget about you. Make sure you are doing all you can to remember him and when you do you'll see the blessings! and when you better snatch em up! :) 
love yall!

Sister Russell

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