Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Weekly Email August 29, 2016

Hey Y'all! 
This week was pretty fast and Its hard for me to remember all that happened so i will highlight the important stuff! I have one transfer left and i am leaving Newnan! I am getting transferred! I am really excited and look forward to my last companion and area! Its fun to see that i need to benefit from someone else before i go home so that i can be who the lord needs me to become. 

We went on exchanges and honestly i really look forward to going on exchanges and it just wasn't anything that i thought it would be. I was really bored and i didn't learn much. I did love that we were able to help this lady that was really struggling. She thought that when people said "FEAR GOD" it means to literally fear him and his wrath. I explained to her that i had felt that when people said that i took it literally, but it made no sense. I explained to her that we should be more into what god thinks of us rather than man, we should care what god think rather than the world. I told her it is a good thing to fear god because that means you respect him and what he thinks of you! (: We were able to go to a ysa activity that night with Ivan and everyone was so welcoming towards him! It made me really excited to go to a ysa ward...but as a missionary i think its super weird. I felt like everyone was flirting with me and i would just walk away so they probably thought i was super rude. HAHA. 

Every Wednesday and Friday morning we do a district call and we will talk about what we have learned that week or who we are working with. I had read in Luke i think it was 18 I'm not completely sure but its when the man asks Jesus what he must do to inherit the kingdom of god. Jesus tells the man you must forsake all your riches and follow me. That man just couldn't do it and left...but later in the chapter a blind man hears a bunch of noise and asks whats going on. Someone tells him its Jesus Christ he has come! The blind man believes that he can be healed by the savior and he tells him he has faith to be healed! Straightway (good word!) he follows the savior and gives praise to his name! I expressed that I have been reading a lot lately about people forsaking all that they posses including their natural man tendencies to follow the savior. I have been truly blessed to work on a Christlike attribute every transfer of my mission and i want to continue to follow his example! I want to take up my cross and follow him, yes i will go through my own Gethsemane and Golgotha but i will be walking paths that have already been paved. That's the beauty of it! We covenant or promise to follow the savior and he will make a way for us to do it! We just have to have the faith to do it! We can if we are consistent in our Sabbath day observance, scripture reading, and communication with him. I want to follow the savior not just for 18 months and when its convenient but ESPECIALLY when its inconvenient. 

Ivan was baptized this weekend!! (: It was an awesome day for him! He said he felt so good afterwards and then you wont believe this! He then went out with the elders and helped teach someone about the restoration and he invited the guy to church because the elders didn't!!! He is so awesome! He loved receiving the gift of the holy ghost! This week was really great and I'm so grateful for the opportunity i had to come to Newnan and be able to help so many people in a short span of time!

Sister Russell

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