Monday, September 12, 2016

Weekly Email September 12, 2016

It was a pretty long week. I felt like everything was out to get us this past week. My allergies were up the fritz! It was pretty horrible... i was like a zombie all week but i was still diligent!
 I am really excited that Labor Day was my last holiday as a missionary. I really despise holidays... no one wants to talk to us and i haven't had any good opportunities to talk to a lot of people.  It was a long day but it ended well, we went to empty nesters. FHE for people who don't have children. I had fried catfish and it was delicious. That sentence was not a typo mom, i like seafood i guess. I was shocked too!

Pday we went to the Crazy Fun Millsapp sisters house and cross stitched and they ordered us pizza! I love them so much! They are related to the Wood family in Ensign that i absolute adored!!!! I love the millsapp and wood family! They said i can be apart of the family officially! YES!

We had our first district meeting and it was awesome! we are really working on helping members with their missionary work and so forth! I love my district leader...........*drum roll please*................ ELDER PLATT!
I served with Elder Platt and Nelson in Snellville and Elder Solomon from good ol az is in the district too! It is going to be a great transfer, it is a great transfer!

We have been blessed to meet some really sweet people and they are kind but really have no intentions of ever meeting with us. It has been a really good experience working with members and finding new people. It gets exhausting only when you don't allow the spirit to guide and direct you!

I was privileged to go to the temple this past Thursday with the Snellville ward and it was like coming home. I loved seeing everyone there that i loved so dearly! The spirit i felt there was so strong. I loved seeing sister Christopherson there she was just GLOWING! I got to see my favorites!
After i left the celestial room, a lady came up to me in the dressing room before i had put back on my clothes & badge and she said " I KNEW YOU WERE A SISTER MISSIONARY EVEN WITHOUT THE BADGE" That was the BEST compliment ever! i had been recognized as a representative of Jesus Christ in the temple when we are all dressed in white. That made my week. i seriously was so happy because that means all my hard work trying to acquire Christlike attributes is really showing!!! :)))

Overall i am loving this work, it is a beautiful thing to be in his service! I love that i have the opportunity to help others draw closer to Christ! KEEP BEING GOOD EXAMPLES TO EVERYONE!

Sister Russell

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