Monday, June 1, 2015

A missionary's work is never through (:

Monday: Memorial day! We didn't have pday on this day because holidays are prime time finding days! I got serenaded by some old guys at a retirement home...that was interesting. I almost ran over a guy because he jumped in front of our car so that we could say a prayer with him. His intents weren't very pure...because shortly after he begged for money. Everyone assumes because we are missionaries we are just loaded and that's truly NOT the case.

Tuesday:  We had our first district meeting and well...lets just say it was interesting.
Wednesday: I have been waking up at 5:50 every morning to do arm workouts because well sister gotta get back in shape and i'm going running! WHOO! I spent $40 at Walmart for literally like 5 was redonk. I took a nap...oh my word. I took a nap! I cant tell you how much I truly love naps. Anyways taking a nap on your mission is like winning the jackpot...SO RARE. I asked sister aiono what an ulcer was and then she said "isnt it a mouth sore?" and i was like hmm... no i think you're talking about canker sores...Aiono "what the heck is that? A dinosaur with fat ankles?" I love my companion and all her foreignness. (:

Thursday: HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAPA & ALEXUS! It gets harder and harder each year to cling on to the memories I have of my sister and I. I miss her though. She was my best friend. (: I have a love/hate relationship with planning day. It rained all day today. We went to sister Cole's for dinner and she is just the coolest! Her family is so precious and she reminds me so much of my mom. I am claiming her as my Georgia mom!

Friday: I had one of those moments where everything just kinda built up and I cracked. I cried...I just couldn't do it today. So I got down on my knees and I asked heavenly father to help me, to help me have patience with myself. I am just really grateful for the comfort prayers can bring. I had my moms spaghetti and that was delish like always! We had an eventful day and then ended it with going over to the dickersons! He prepared us Crawfish, potatoes, corn, cornbread, and sweet potato pie!! I really thought the crawfish would have been more gross but it wasn't too bad. I probably wont ever eat it again though. LOL (: I wasn't feeling too well all day come to find out I had a fever of 99.9! I ate 3 popsicles and called it a day!

Saturday: We had the opportunity to clean the church and that was super fun! I got to talk to Sister Tillis and hangout with sister Coles adorable children! (: I got sister aiono church's biscuits and she LOVES them! I knew she would. Someone was suppose to bring us lunch and they never did so sister terry gave me a plate of pumpkin cookies and yup I ate like 10. That was my lunch. We ran into the elders and we gave them the rest. Happy Graduation to all you cool cats who finally got away from high school!
Sunday: Church was fun! Sorry that is brief but i am running out of time!
Church is true. The sky is blue. Someone up in heaven loves YOU!
Peace out girl scout!

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  1. Keep up the good work Arianna (for the 3rd time this blog thing will not let me write ) I'll be praying for you ..pray for me some patience with this wreched and miss you ..maybe you will get this ..otherwise I will pray a little harder Sharon