Monday, June 8, 2015

Monday: We woke up early to go to the car dealership...that took forever!!! I hate car dealerships. After that we went to walmart got some groceries, went home ate lunch, wrote some letters and then we went to GOODWILL! I love the goodwill in the city! Its awesome! Then we went to Sister Willis home for dinner, she made us fried chicken, mac & cheese and chocolate cake! (:

Tuesday: I read Alma 30 & 31...incredible. I just love the scriptures!! We had district meeting, which went pretty well! Sister Terry likes to make us bran muffins, well because she wants to keep us regular. BLESS HER HEART <3 We were tracting and this guy stops me and asks if I would like to go on a date and I sweetly declined...then his friend comes over and says "DANG!! YOU GOT A BIG OL' BOOTY Chin." Sister Aiono and I couldn't help but crack up!! Its so funny what people say to us on the streets!

Wednesday: We danced for exercise this morning that was fun! Sister Manzer and Facer came down and we just had Hark the Herald Angels Sing on repeat! We had an interview with the bishop and that went really well. He is a pretty cool guy! We then shot some hoops with Kevin Tillis and then we went to the family history center...and I just went on I am such a dork. I should be more motivated but I really have no stories or anything about my family. We have inspections tomorrow and I don't really know what to expect...So we cleaned again just in case!

Thursday: We passed inspections...done by us. LOL We met with Claritha and she is SO prepared for the gospel its not even funny. She knows baptism is for her its just a matter of when. I have been praying intently for her to be able to get her answer that she is searching for. Nancy is going to be baptized June 13th!!! (: SO EXCITING!! We went and saw the freemans! I love the freemans, they are HILARIOUS! Brother Freeman is such a jokester! Also I have officially claimed the mothers room in the Atlanta Ward. That is our sanctuary! It is quite precious.

Friday: We went and visited Sister Tillis and she is amazing. I really love her! She is from Haiti and is going to teach us a Haitian dance next week! (:  She has such an inspiring testimony and it makes me want to be a hardworking mama in the future. We went to lunch at the lunch box and I ate the tiniest hot wings ever but they filled me up quick! They were my first chicken wings in ATL. There are wing places all over Atlanta. I met a guy with tattoos all over his face...pretty strange. We went to the Garden and Elder Muhelstein jumped up to grab a branch on a tree and it fell down on top of him. was probably the highlight of my week. It was SO funny! He was okay, I think he just wasn't expecting that to happen. I dared him to eat a worm. He did. (:

Saturday: Cleaning spree!!! We Cleaned the church Saturday morning, then we had nancys baptismal interview and she is all set for baptism!! #whoo After that we went to the Reeces and cleaned their apartment because they are moving. It was really fun! It was probably the hottest day since ive been here.

Sister Russell

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