Monday, June 15, 2015

SWISH. Another one got the Dunk! (: lol

MONDAY: Its #MILEYMONDAY!  I have been studying living the law of tithing because I will be giving a talk on it in two weeks! I really love that god commands us to get I just love how that works! We emailed, went to walmart and then we watched meet the Mormons while we ate lunch. Then we went to goodwill with sister manzer and sister facer because all the other sisters bailed on us for the activity we had planned. It was really fun. I put my hair in two pig tails and headed to the SCREETS. I found a shirt that says SCOOBY JEW on it and its by far my favorite shirt ever. We then went to the hoppers for dinner and I learned that glass is a liquid..that was interesting. Also we (sister aiono and I ) bought do rags. it was pretty magical. (:

TUESDAY: I got a street name...its sassy. BIG SHOCKER THERE. We did lots of service this week. We helped a lady move out of her apartment and she has SO much stuff. The elders had to come help us move a mirror. We were all having small talk and the lady said you know why people have such crappy communication? It's because of mercury. So mercury is the root of all evil. Also one of the elders tried killing a wasp and she was like NO, Bugs have souls!...I couldn't help but laugh and then when I looked at the elders I just laughed even more! I dyed a strip of my hair blonde...but it looks like orange. Its only to see how long my hair has grown at the end of my mission.

WEDNESDAY: I picked up two packages from the office and I got tons of cake from Papa. Thank you so much Papa, I appreciate it! I gave some cake to lots of homeless people by our apartments, they were very grateful!! I also got a package from Tenneal!! You are so sweet Tenneal there is a letter headed your way! (: We had exchanges and I got to hangout with sister facer!! We met the sweetest man, his name is Chris. He is from New Orleans, been in and out of prison for about 17 years of his life, hes been stabbed 7 times and shot 11!! He is so precious! I cannot wait to meet with him, I just felt of the saviors love for him. We went to dinner and had salmon burgers which are totally  DELISH!

THURSDAY: I had the worst sleep ever, so yeah today was magical. We went to krispy kreme to have a lesson with someone and I about fell asleep saying the prayer. We went to help that same sister out and pack up more of her stuff and still didn't even make a dent what we packed! SO CRAZY!! We then went to go see nancy and we walked with her to get her some fritos because they are her favorite! (: We went to the Tillis family for FHE & then learned how to dance Haitian! It was sooo fun! There are videos to come! The sisters came in our apartment and we chomped o life saver mints and was easily amused that they glow in the dark!! SO cool.

Friday: We had ZONE CONFERENCE! They asked me to lead the music and I about died inside...I was very nervous and had no idea what I was doing. All the elders I knew were laughing at me. Little turds. It was a pretty good conference! I got to see everyone from my old district and made me miss em! Transfers is in two weeks!! GAHH! This was such a quick transfer! I hope I get sent to a ysa ward!

SATURDAY: BAPTISM DAY! Nancy got baptized and there were so many people at her baptism it was incredible!! (: I was so proud of her! Elder Waite baptized her for us! (: We went to Underground Atlanta an that was fun finding people! (: I really enjoyed it!

Sunday: It was magical. I found an ensign from 1992. got some muffins.

Sister Russell 

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