Monday, June 22, 2015

Update from Sister Russell

Monday: I got most of my talk done today I am so excited to speak on tithing. Its kind of a bummer that I dont get to pay tithing on my mission but I have the rest of my life to pay it. We did the usual emailed, went grocery shopping and then came home and ate lunch. I had a turkey burger for the second time...cant tell if I enjoy them or not. I took a short-lived nap. I wrote lots of letters today and received one from my sweet friend ashlyn, thanks boo! Sister Holland made us dinner and we ate it on her porch and that was really fun!

Tuesday: District Meetings are always exciting. We played hangman for like 30 mins and then we started the meeting. We sang Christmas Our elders are hilarious, they always make everything so interesting. We got a new fridge at the church so we can put food in it now!! YIPEE! We went to Underground, but we walked there from Oakland Cemetery and it was sooo HOT!! So we went and saw an investigator and we were trying to see if he had pure intent. Turns out he thinks I am the Christian version of his baby mama...flattering I know!! LOL So we handed that sweet guy over to the elders. I went to the HOOD MART! If you look it up online im sure it'll pop up. I have never felt unsafe and there are some really unsafe places where we go but I never felt that way until  I went in the HOOD MART. I felt like the devil himself was just chilling behind the counter so we left real quickly. Sister Aiono and I went home had dinner. I fell asleep on the carpet so my face was all weird lookin. LOL

Wednesday-We met Geno's friend that wants to take the discussions. Her name is Kristi and she is amazing. She is so prepared to receive the message we had to share. We asked her if she came to know these things were true would she be baptized and she said YES! We felt we could put her on date right then and so we asked her what day she feels would be best and she was like I can be prepared by this Saturday!! *GASP* We decided she can be baptized JUNE 27thbecause we couldn't teach all 5 lessons in 3 days!! We are going to meet with her everyday and she is coming to stake conference on sunday!! I figured out it is 1570 miles to my home from our apartment...we tried looking up sister aiono's but it didn't come up. I dont think I am transferring, what I came here to do in Atlanta aint finished yet! (:

Thursday: Sister Aiono and I were so tired today so during our lunch our we napped. It was pretty great! We had a lesson with brother tucker over the phone and that was fun! He is the best ward mission leader ever considering its not even his calling! We visited Nancy and she is doing amazing! She is reading every day and wants to come to all the baptisms at the church! (: After that we went to the church with a lesson with Kristi and wow. The spirit was so strong in our lesson. I really do appreciate joseph smith and all that he did to bring the book of Mormon forward. I regret not learning the when I get home I think I might want to take a stab at that as well as the guitar! We went to the mateles for dinner and Hinkley is the bomb! Then we went to sister shedricks and she gave me my African dress!!!!! I am going to wear it at the next district meeting. (: LOL

Friday: I started reading in D&C and I am going to read it all the way through because I dont think I have done that before. I really have come to love the scriptures and really apply them in my life. We dropped off a bible to this sweet lady and then were going to meet with her again! We have been sharing with everyone to keep the Sabbath day holy I really like the scripture in Isaiah 58: 13-14! We went to the west end mall and that was pretty fun! They were playing some great music and I was dancing all over the place and I accidently butt dialed our district leader 6 times. We went to the dickersons for dinner and we had liver!!!! I am not a fan of liver.

Saturday: We did service for two hours and oh man. We were sweaty hot messes!!! It was fun though. we got to chop down trees, bushes and shrubbery and I got to use fun tools!! I am sore from it! But I burned 1,000 calories! WHOO!! (: I made some fried chicken and that was delish. We taught the plan of salvation to Kristi and that is always my favorite lesson to teach (: Sister Aiono has a usb and so we plugged it in to listen to some church music in the car...turns out it was Alicia keys! WHAT A TEMPTATION that was! We cracked up! We saw multiple people dancing in the streets and that always brings joy to my heart. (:  We ended up going to stake conference and Mervyn B. Arnold was there and he is a crack up! He invited us to come up and play a part in this thing. it was really fun! Sister Willis is a crack up as well, she asked me " sister Russell do you know why youre in Atlanta?!? Its so I can love on you!" (:

Sunday: HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDPA! I LOVE YOU!!! We had stake conference and that was really good! I got to see elder schnedaker and I came out with him! He is doing great! He doesn't look any different! We taught Kristi afterwards...we are singing I stand all amazed at her baptism with elder waite playing the guitar (: OH MY WORD! WE FOUND OUT ABOUT TRANSFERS....I AM STAYING IN ATLANTA!!!! yayy!! I knew I wasn't finished with what I started here! (: We got fed by sister Amy Evan and she is a peach! I love her apartments and she made us delish treats!! (: I am more and more convinced I can stay here in GA!

This week I am just really grateful for the gospel. It has been the one constant thing in my life. I can ALWAYS rely on my heavenly father to provide for me. I have come to appreciate all that he has done for me and does for me daily. I am grateful for earthly fathers and my heavenly father. Happy Fathers Day!


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