Monday, August 3, 2015

Weekly Email

Monday: PDAY! I always wake up with an even bigger smile on my face when I know I get to talk to my family! (: I studied genesis and 2 nephi 2 today. It was such a great refresher! Adam and Eve made such a courageous decision to partake of the fruit so that they could know what joy and pain is. It makes me reflect upon all the decisions I made in high school..some ones I probably shouldn't have made. If adam and eve didn't make that decision to partake of the fruit there would be no need for a savior..there would be no mankind to save. My sister started first day of 6th grade and that just was a slap to the face because well...I'M GETTING OLD!! All four of us sisters went to piedmont park and wrote letters, ran around the park a few times and the ducks were after me. They were some scary some mutant ducks. I made sister Aiono scare them away for me! (: I got mail from my mom and that is always exciting! Sister Aiono has never had cheez-its before and so Elder Robison said he was going to get her some!

Tuesday: We visited Hazel Porthris and she is such a sweet lady. She gave us a piece of pound cake that her friend made her. They have been best friends since they were 5 and they are both in their late 80s! HOW PRECIOUS! We went finding for 2 hours and oh about being drenched. We were both drenched in sweat but we rocked it. :P We went to Amy Evans for dinner and that was delish! WE HAD BACON!! :))))

Wednesday: We woke up at 5:40 and it was so easy to get up because we knew we were going to the temple! I missed the temple sooo much!! (: I felt so much comfort and peace wash over me...that the things I had been stressing about didn't seem to bother me anymore. Something that was incredible was when I looked at myself in the mirror in the temple...I didn't see myself for the physical I saw myself for what I had done. I was a covenant making and keeping daughter of God. I think I will always struggle with self image but knowing what I am worth and knowing whose I am really is the true beauty of it all. We had a zone training after the temple and we had multiple trainings from the APs, Zone Leaders and President and his wife. I am so grateful for the leaders that guide and direct us, I know they receive direct revelation from God because everything they said was exactly what I needed. Someone sent me a box of 50s not sure who. But thank you! (: I appreciate it a lot..and so do the elders that ate most of it! LOL I was spiritually stuffed much guidance and direction from my heavenly father through worthy servants.

Thursday: Happy Birthday Dad! (: I really loved reading D&C 18:10-16, to know that heavenly father is proud of us and our efforts even if we only bring one soul unto him...even if that one soul is ourselves. I made some personal goals for myself....1) be less judgmental 2) be more compassionate 3) drink more water 4) listen more  Every time I feel like I am going to judge someone or whatever I start to sing "im trying to be like jesus". It has been helping a lot...I sang it 4 times today so yeah. We stopped by sweet Sister Brenda Reams house and she is so awesome! LOVE HER! We then visited the Little's home which is always a treat! They have the best stories to tell! They always crack me up! Then we saw Sister Tillis and her family which was WAYYY long over due. She gave us a papaya..SO YUMMY!

Friday: We let the elders take our car and we rode on marta. I love marta! Its such a fun experience to ride on it! The peachtree center marta station looks like the train station at Hogwarts...which is pretty legit (: We walked around talking to people, I sang to a man sitting on a fountain. That was fun. We picked up Alisa and we went finding around the Van Dykes and that was so fun! We found some awesome people who wanna come to church so we'll be going back for sure!

Saturday: We cleaned the church. Filled up the baptismal font. Ate lunch. Akyra got baptized and that was awesome. She got a BIG FOOT from sister Cole primary president and I legit wanna learn how to sew so that I can make myself a BIG FOOT( its a pillow that looks like a giant foot). We got invited to the Vandykes ice cream social and that was so fun! We got to talk to some people they invited! (: I did sis aionos eybrows and we got on the mission call.

Sunday: Fast & testimony meeting.  So I will take the time now to bear my testimony. I do not know everything and I don't intend to know everything about the gospel but that is simply the best part about the gospel. There is always room to improve. I am grateful for the opportunity I have each week to improve and recommit myself to following the savior when I partake of the sacrament. I love the lord and my savior jesus Christ. The love they have for me is immeasurable as is mine for the beautiful family they have given me.  I am so blessed to have lots of people I call family and the knowledge I have that I can be with them forever brings such peace to my heart. I wish yall the best! & hope yall have a great week! (: SHARE YOUR TESTIMONY WITH SOMEONE!!

Sister Russell

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