Monday, August 10, 2015

Weekly Email

Monday- stood in line for the post office for an fun. Thats about it.

Tuesday: District meeting is always a HOOT! We did a training and that was pretty cool. We taught everyone to be more effective missionaries while they study!! (: We went around and said nice things about everyone that was fun! I sewed another elders pants.

Wednesday: This morning we went to the tennis courts and i just ran around! lol We had an appointment with Rashad and He was listening to the book of Mormon. He is on chapter 5! I loved how excited he was about the scriptures! It really is such a blessing to see someone find joy in coming closer to Jesus Christ! We went to the vandykes and we didnt end up painting her house but just talked to her for a little bit. We went to the church and i put a few things on my usb like talks and coloring pages for kids. We went to Kamilah's for dinner and i just love her! (: She gave us both dresses that she made! She is soo talented! Yall need to go on her website! KGRACEDESIGNS.COM!

Thursday: I did Jillian Micheals workout videos and that was intense! I love em! We had planning today...I HATE PLANNING. I just wanna go to work..any who. I dyed my hair because it was some weird colors...its pretty dark so im washing it a ton to lighten it. It started to pour so we went to the greenbriar mall and met some pretty funny people.We hungout with brother moore and he is a crack up! We then made some fun videos in the car and then we went out to dinner with Angela Johnson! She is incredible! I love her! (((: We met this crazy lady who believes that only certain people are children of god...Only black people are children of god. Everyone else is followers of the devil...I quickly walked away because i was not about to hear that hogwash!

Friday: We went to Rashad and we finished teaching the plan of salvation and that was VERY interesting!! I chuggd 60 ounces of water before the appointment and 15 mins into it i had to pee. So by the time we were done I was crying tears....I had to pee so bad!!! We went to the church ate lunch and i watched some videos on families! We saw Diamond and sister holland! I love them! We went to smoothie king and i have met two davontes since ive been here!! I got a letter from my family! I loved that!

Saturday: We worked out!! (: We then went to the park to have a picnic for lunch but there was a butt load of peopole there for a family reunion so we sat further away. Then we had time left so i suggested we take a nap in the car & i know that was revelation from god because that was such a heavenly nap!! I drooled! #RIGHTEOUS We met some more members and that was a blast! We hungout with the jones family and i love them! Tyson is such a cutie!! Sister Aiono and i talked about the kind of talents we want our husbands to have and i want a man who is good with numbers and can be financially smart, handy man, and if he could cook that would be GLORIOUS!!

Sunday: Rashad came to church! (: We found out that one of us is leaving...


Sister Russell

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