Monday, August 24, 2015

Weekly Email

MONDAY: The library in snellville is smancy fancy. I love it. Our battery died in our car...unfortunate. We went to an appointment in Tucker. Went to Mellow Mushroom to finally eat some lunch and then we went to pep boys. 
TUESDAY: District meeting was awesome!! We went finding and a man threatened to sue us...that was fun! LOL I also had a lady call and scream at us for being total morons for knocking on her door when she was sick. Not sure how anyone was suppose to know she was sick...but whatever. I had a melt down...I had been holding in all these emotions...i was stressed and it was all building up and resulted in me crying. I just said a prayer and was comforted by my sweet companion. We went to the Odells for dinner and wow! She is such an amazing cook!! :) I love the Odells, they are so fun!! 

WEDNESDAY: happy birthday michelle!! (: We went to olive garden with the nalders! love them! sister nalder sounds just like nonie! We saw tons of people today and that was awesome! ( sorry i am running out of time on the computer!!!)

THURSDAY: weekly planning. ate at the shaffers home! BROTHER SHAFFER CAN COOK! I love the shaffers so much! Then we went to the relief society activity and that was super fun!! (: 

Friday: I got a lemonberry slush from sonic! yum! 

Saturday: MAJOR LIGHTNING AND THUNDER STORM!! we didnt sleep at all...We did a service project that was fun! We went to the tanohs house and she is a so fun!! I love her! She speaks french! fancy! 

I am so sorry that i had little to no time to type this i apologize! i need to prioritize my time better! please forgive me yall!!! Go read Ether 12 (: HAVE GREAT FAITH AND CONQUER LIFES TOUGH BATTLES! 

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