Monday, August 31, 2015

Monday: We went to the library and our car didnt break down thank heavens. lol We went to walmart and then we went home i took a nap...*big shocker there*! I wrote some letters and gathered myself for a fun filled week!! (: We went finding and this JW told me all about the mormons and that they only allowed black people in the church because BYU's butt was being whooped on by all the other colleges....and he said they are still racist. I just get so annoyed and flustered when people bring up the whole blacks in the do you not realize what time period it was? I would invite all of you to read the official declaration of blacks in the church on

Tuesday: I read Come What May and Love It by joseph b wirthlin. I love love love that talk. I am reading general conference talks every day until general conference and i definitely feel edified and uplifted! I would also invite you to invite people to watch general conference with you! You never know there could be a talk just for them!! (: We had district meeting and that was seriously one of the best district meetings ive ever been in. It was so spiritual. I loved it. We talked about Jospeh Smith and how he endured so much yet because he did he was blessed and it all was for his own growth. We reflected on our own trials and how we can use them to help those that are around us. I loved it! Sister Despain and i have a fun little treat...ritz crackers and mint chocolate chip ice cream...if you read mint chocolate chip like micheal scott would say totally rock (: We went to the Mullins and they live in the coolest house...Lila you would LOVE IT!! 

Wednesday: We went on exchanges, I went to jonesboro....with....SISTER CHENG! Sister Cheng is someone that my trainer we are basically sisters! It was super fun! We visited lots of people and we found some people for them to teach! We went to bible study and that was awesome! We read this poem...The Touch of the masters hand. I loved it! (: Elder Gebauer is from gilbert!! I had no idea that elder was from my hometown! Sister Cheng and i went to wendys in honor of sister daffer! King david is a guy at wendys that was persistent on getting my number...and he wouldnt let us leave without some kind of contact so we wrote down our facebook mom if i get a friend request from king david...block that hot mess!!! :P 

Thursday: weekly planning....i dont remember much else. Oh i got a package from my mom and we ate those nasty jelly beans!! LOL

Friday: We went to see sister gwendolyn mcwilliams and she is seriously so cute. I love her. We sang her favorite songs to her and half way through one of them i just broke down in tears. I just really have come to understand the atonement and really what my savior has done for me. "I stand all amazed at the love jesus offers me, confused at the grace that so fully he proffers me. I tremble to know that for me he was crucified to rescue a soul so rebellious and proud as mine." I know that jesus christ suffered and paid the price for me that i may be forgiven so that i as well as all on earth may live again with our father in heaven. I love this gospel and i love that i have the opportunity to build upon the faith i have and help others to do the same. We went to Bishop Cahill's home and i just absolutely love them! They are such a fabulous missionary oriented family!! 

Saturday: I didnt sleep too well. I have been having really insightful personal studies everyday and i love that! I ate popcorn, an apple and pretzels for lunch. LOL Sister Despain has a really hard time sleeping and so she slept all day and i did the best i could to do as much missionary work at the apartment. I made calls. I organized the AB. I went through the ward directory and identified the DNC ( DO NOT CONTACTS). I went to the bathroom 12 times...because i wanted to see how much water i could drink. I read 6 chapters in the book of mormon. I read 7 general conference talks. I wrote a letter to my grandpa. I ate pretzels dipped in pb and nutella. I also reorganized my desk. It was a long day. I just wanted to get out of the apartment. lol but it was effective in many ways.

Sunday: Pres. Foote and sister foote came to our ward! I love them! I love that they are cut throat about number and baptisms like President Harding was. That was really hard for me. At times i contemplated going home but something told me to keep holding on and i know why! There was new direction coming that was inspired!! (: We found a family that is interested in learning more about the gospel and that warmed my heart! We were able to invite them to prepare for baptism on the 19th! I gave the elders those nasty jelly beans...funniest thing ever!! We went to the Austins home for dinner and i just love them! Very down to earth fun family!  


 Hair is long enough to put in pony tail!!

 Where is the rest of the sidewalk?
 We are the SAME color!

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